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  • E Despite growing up in the most crime filled neighborhood of Dakota City, Virgil Hawkins was a pretty chill guy.

  • He's been his time playing D and D reading comics, you know, typical nerds toe.

  • But he at one major problem the classic sitcom fully know teenage story is complete without it.

  • During school, he was frequently harassed by local gang leader Francis Stone.

  • Virgil's Onley refuge was one of his few friends.

  • Larry Wade.

  • Larry convinced Virgil there was only one way to get rid of Francis for good.

  • Join his own gang and pack some heat.

  • Things got, well, pretty intense, and Virgil wasn't having any of it.

  • It was timeto bail like D.

  • C comics on their cinematic universe, but the damage was already done.

  • The police arrived and let loose, um, massive canister of what seemed to be tear gas, but wasn't Yeah, this great looking missed was actually some experimental shit.

  • It was supposed to tag each gang members so the cops could track them down later.

  • But it was actually laced with radioactive quantum juice, which killed almost everybody.

  • Hate it when that happens.

  • Luckily, Virgil was one of the few who survived, but the quantum juice still had an effect.

  • You could say he was shocked to find out what it did.

  • Yes, he began to develop electromagnetic powers before this virtual always felt out of his league.

  • But now he was in a league of his own and became the superhero static.

  • I put a shock to your system.

  • Hell, yeah.

  • With these new powers, the guy was unstoppable.

  • He could blow shit up with electric bolts quick as lightning make explosion balls called nova bums and Taser people with punches to the face.

  • Right.

  • But he's not just good at shocking people.

  • Static can alter the electron attraction of any object or surface.

  • He can erect extremely durable electromagnetic force fields that block most attacks.

  • He can even move metal around like a hip young magneto in slip metal under his feet to take to the sky.

  • His favorite right is the static saucer, a giant frisbee that doubles as a shield and buzzsaw.

  • Think about it.

  • Don't you wish your car could literally cut through traffic?

  • Oh, speaking of which, I have to drive downtown to pick up a new graduated cylinder.

  • Uh, I should probably go before traffic gets back.

  • Wait.

  • You're going outside.

  • You never go outside.

  • I know it's intimidating.

  • You wearing enough sunscreen?

  • Because your body is in for a shock.

  • Get it?

  • Like the character.

  • We were talking about it.

  • I'll be fine.

  • See you next week for the battle between Spiderman and Static.

  • Why doesn't he just use Amazon?

E Despite growing up in the most crime filled neighborhood of Dakota City, Virgil Hawkins was a pretty chill guy.

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