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  • no longer to dying.

  • You're saying Okay, So you all Maybe.

  • Yeah.

  • Hong Kong.

  • A jungle of steel and concrete.

  • Here, over 9000 skyscrapers are crammed together, and it's considered one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

  • But look closely and you'll see an organic material that weaves itself through the cracks up the walls, completely engulfing entire structures.

  • This is bamboo, and Hong Kong is one of the last places in the world where bamboo is still widely used as a building material.

  • And these guys, well, they've built this whole thing from the ground up.

  • Uh, my life.

  • Yeah.

  • While most scaffolding around the world is made with aluminum or steel, Hong Kong is one of the last places where bamboo is still widely used.

  • Western the buildings, maybe the scaffolding is decidedly eastern.

  • It's bamboo, only a fraction The price of steel all grown locally and to be had practically for the asking.

  • It has been a common construction material for centuries in China, but due to safety concerns, the art of bamboo building is mostly gone even in mainland China.

  • But it remains a valuable yet threatened industry in Hong Kong, where scaffolding structures consort up to 60 stories high.

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  • Go like Ugo as I would learn that need for precision is partially why bamboo scaffolding has largely disappeared outside of Hong Kong.

  • Unlike steel, which can be cut into precise pieces, bamboo is a plant and is much more fickle.

  • Not all pieces are consistent in quality and they have to be manually tied together, which requires a lot of skill.

  • Uh, learning a good a government that will be on like him.

  • But bamboo has its benefits as well.

  • First, it's a sustainable material.

  • It is the fastest growing plant on earth.

  • It can grow up to 3 ft a day.

  • And because it reproduces through rhizomes, which are underground routes, it can self multiply e, which means that a grove of bamboo can technically grow and grow for up to 100 years.

  • Second compared to steal, bamboo is a much lighter material.

  • It's six times faster to put up and 12 times faster to take down.

  • It's also cheaper.

  • And if properly installed bamboo is stronger than steel and far more flexible.

  • A.

  • Please help me.

  • Don't worry, tiny sample.

  • It's very strong.

  • It is the ideal material for temporary structures, and in Hong Kong it is also used to build seasonal opera theaters, which pop up every spring.

  • But unlike scaffolding, which can be found everywhere all year round, thes theaters are limited to small villages in Hong Kong, where there is more space.

  • Way went to Cheung Chau, an island in Hong Kong, and met one of the last remaining bamboo theater artisans, he says.

  • Compared to scaffolding, theaters are much more difficult to build.

  • You don't have them or Chan's family has been building with bamboo for generations, although I have to say something.

  • Calculations for the theaters are done on the spot.

  • So what are the main components of a bamboo theater?

  • Thes wooden beams, which are made from fir trees, provide the main support for the theater.

  • Bamboo makes up the majority of the structure.

  • There are two main types of bamboo that are used.

  • Hi thes air, also the same type of bamboo used in scaffolding thing.

  • Although it's easy to learn, it takes years of practice to master.

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  • I don't think I like that.

  • We owe, uh, the whole I'm gonna talk, but what's tied together will eventually be taken down.

  • When the opera season is over, the theater is dismantled and the parts are recycled.

  • Bamboo theaters are temporary installations and an art form that is fading E a Xinjiang is going mobile.

  • Uh huh.

  • Or they see.

  • Oh, come back.

  • You don't want for Chan.

  • His way of preserving tradition is to pass it on to his sons for okay, that e e.

  • So, uh, you subside e one month.

  • Ah, I'm going down.

no longer to dying.

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Why Hong Kong Still Uses Bamboo to Build Buildings

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