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  • Tesla's shares surging more than 85% in six months, and Piper Jaffray thinks it's going even higher.

  • They raised their price target today to $423 and, they say quote, Nobody else comes close.

  • It's a must own stock.

  • Nobody on this desk thinks that's true.

  • There's nobody owns.

  • What Tessa doesn't have right now is a factory.

  • So that's a problem in the auto industry.

  • A lot of people are saying not gonna happen.

  • Well, you know, uh, I think people at this point or to be a little bit more optimistic about the future of Tesla's because we've confounded the critics at every turn.

  • Eso At a certain point, people have to get tired of being wrong.

  • 1500 people, Very expensive cars is a small step.

  • Yes, the biggest impact of the roads that is really isn't changing.

  • The perception of one electric car could be phase two, which we're seeing now is the model s on.

  • That's mid price mid volume.

  • And then phase three is the high volume, low price car goal with Model S is to have a performance version model s that is the fastest down on the road.

  • Are people surprised by that?

  • I think most people think of they think of electric cars.

  • They think of golf carts, you know, sort of held a golf cart.

  • What is the model s really all about?

  • It's about breaking a spell.

  • The world has been under this illusion that electric cars cannot be as good as God can in fact, be the best car in the world produced in the market some of the less seven years ago on Today, in what manufacturers have on the road or have announced nothing is matching the 2000 and 12 slum, the largest car companies have their eyes set on Tesla's As Ford, Nissan and GM are all rolling out big plans for the electric car market.

  • Global competition is coming.

  • This Audi E Tron is not a big surprise.

  • We've known it was coming for the last 2.5 years.

  • Mercedes is gonna have one.

  • BMW Porsche is gonna have a four door sedan with a 300 mile range.

  • General Motors has announced 20 different electric vehicle models.

  • Tesla has no advantage, no technological advantage, no software advantage, no battery advantage, no advantages whatsoever.

  • Jim Cramer, yesterday, said.

  • I'm not sure that Tesla has a business plan that's going to work.

  • It's not a smart investor.

  • We're gonna start with Tesla because I need you to understand what converted me from an agnostic skeptic to an outright.

  • I have to admit it's just unbelievable experience with people with two different ones.

  • This weekend I give up.

  • I mean the cars to damp.

  • Great.

  • He threw in the towel.

  • I never thought I'd see the day unbelievable.

  • CEO of Tesla On a big day here at NASDAQ, Tesla's now trading publicly, listening at $17 this year, just continually.

  • Just look at the balance sheet.

  • Amen.

  • I can't take it anymore if everybody in my family once when I'm done.

  • Well, now you can't fight this.

  • I can't fight this way.

  • Want people to know that Whatever has that comes out with a product that will be something that way.

  • Think it's gonna be a man will never stop fighting for the customer that Z who were really trying to serve way see every car on the road being electric.

  • Uh, no way will not stop.

  • Did you think I need to pack this?

  • And seven?

  • Why not e.

  • Don't ever give up.

  • E mean, I'd have to be dead or improving.

  • Fascinating.

  • Take your fortune ship everything.

  • Yeah, I would have ended up owing money If Tess has gone background.

  • Another year or two, we'll see a movie called Who Killed Tesla's So many times along the way.

  • People have naysayers, haven't they?

  • I guess there's certainly been a lot of attacks.

  • It's become obvious to a lot of the entrenched interests that that Tesla's on basics are not going to die.

  • They thought, Well, they're just basically ignored us or laughter us.

  • Now we're actually starting to make real inroads, and they're treating us as a really threat.

Tesla's shares surging more than 85% in six months, and Piper Jaffray thinks it's going even higher.

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