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  • when you guys left the court and then also right now, this was kind of the most down that you've been throughout.

  • The whole serious.

  • What's the reason nobody's down?

  • We're just pissed off because I was a winnable game.

  • Um, no one's down at all.

  • We've got one more game, You know, if we're down now that we've already lost game seven, I don't think anybody's down.

  • I think this would be the right word because there were things Weaken dio toe win that win this game, um, motivated for the next game.

  • You know, no one is gonna be easy.

  • You know, at the end of the day, they came back from three run credit to them, but no one's no one's down.

  • Ready to go.

  • If you want to play games right now, I think all of us to be ready to So, um, was locked and ready to go.

  • And next just because TV Hey, John, Coach was talking about defensive discipline tonight.

  • What do you think about a big huge?

  • You know, you get them off the offensive rebound threes, just extra possessions.

  • You can't have that in the playoffs on.

  • We kind of fell away from what we've been doing a great job of which is, you know, boxing out, getting hits, picking up the way we've been picking up.

  • You know, I'm not here.

  • Thio get on any of our defenders Worse, Joe and and ready for the main part.

  • They've been doing a hell of a job, man.

  • And like I said, Jamal's and playing out of his mind, Um, Yokich has been playing great.

  • We just gotta find a way to execute.

  • We did it three times.

  • We could do with 1/4.

  • And that's what's gonna be the message going in, you know, way Watch all the film we want.

  • We've done the same thing, Um, six games, both sides.

  • I don't think they're gonna be much film to watch.

  • Except for what?

  • We could be more aggressive, and that's really it.

  • With the more aggressive team, the more locked in team on the details are gonna be the one that win the Siri's.

  • And that's really where it's at.

  • Next up.

  • Brian Mahoney, ap, please.

  • E o a way e No.

  • Um, to be honest with you, if it wasn't for a few things we could've had last game in the game before, you know, obviously it Z, that's as a fan.

  • You know, he won Game seven.

  • We didn't want that, you know, And that's what makes us That's all pretty upset because at the end of the day, we had things and we have things in our control and we let it slip.

  • So now it's on us to go back out there and do our thing way.

  • Felt like we could have had this had this series, but they thought they didn't want to go home.

  • And now we gotta play.

  • We don't wanna go home, you know?

  • And I think that's gonna be the biggest thing.

  • But as a fan perspective, I I see it in our respective.

  • But I can tell you as a player that I wanna play a Game seven.

  • You know, if we're up 31 like, I don't think anybody wants to do that.

  • But we're here, So play the card that play the hand that you're dealt with, and we're gonna go out there and execute and do what we gotta do.

  • Okay, we have one last question.

  • KSL Sports Ben Anderson Donovan.

  • What's your level of frustration?

  • There's just not a whole lot.

  • You're putting up 40 plus.

  • Similarly, every game E could do more.

  • Um, there's several possessions, you know, whether to box out.

  • It may not show up on the statue, but they're little things I could do being shifted, uh, discouraging the drive.

  • Bad pass through in fourth quarter.

  • Uh, the end.

  • A bad pass in the first half.

  • Bad passing transition when Mason Plumlee came and get a steal.

  • There's so many things that I could do to improve.

  • Yes, you know, I had 40 but whatever he lost so the same thing when I had 57 you know, it means it doesn't mean that the end of the day, there's things that I could do little things on both ends of the floor that help us get through.

  • And if we all locked in and focused on the little things within the Siri's.

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when you guys left the court and then also right now, this was kind of the most down that you've been throughout.

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Donovan Mitchell sounds off on Jazz's Game 6 loss vs. Nuggets | 2020 NBA Playoffs

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