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  • Peng Li Xiang's childhood was upturned when his father was sent to prison for drug trafficking.

  • The conviction left his family in extreme poverty.

  • They live in Chama Guan, a remote village in China's northwestern Ningxia region.

  • There are about 100 families here, and two thirds of them have had their lives destroyed because of drug abuse.

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  • Mohammed Sabah Farm eyes Three Children are all in prison for drug trafficking.

  • The 52 year old has been raising her three grandchildren by herself for seven years.

  • They live in extreme poverty e.

  • Now for more trauma.

  • The village lies in the poverty stricken mountainous region of Ningxia.

  • The land is known for its poor soil and frequent droughts.

  • When China opened up its economy for decades ago, many people here left for southern China in search of better opportunities.

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  • You know, Chief Pierre Nicolas, civil drop, but your final shit In no time drug abuse became rampant here Drug traffickers started bringing the heroin home.

  • Many became addicted at the cost of their life and marriage.

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  • Oh, yeah.

  • According to a survey by the local government in 2004 more than a third of families in this village had some connection to drug trafficking or abuse.

  • Crime rates soared is an ancient image of a child.

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  • Government started cracking down in 2013.

  • Police arrested drug dealers and addicts, including Peng's father.

  • Life here started to improve, but the trauma still lingered.

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  • You can actually Oh e o It could take generations to break this cycle.

  • In 2015 punks started an organization to help families like his own who were affected by drugs.

  • He now supports 50 Children, providing food and clothes and organizing trips for them to see their parents in prison.

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  • Peng himself waited for six years before he visited his father in prison for the first time.

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or she's initial.

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How Drugs Ruined This Chinese Village

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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