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  • Oh, yeah.

  • Ah, a new day has come How enthralling have so much work to dio.

  • But I can't get anything done until I eat my glorious Sheba meal alone again in this vast land.

  • Oh, that's a new blanket, but I must stay focused on my mission at hand.

  • Sheba!

  • Sheba!

  • Oh, I crave my delicious, savory wet food.

  • Such a shame Only my human lump knows how to snap.

  • Peel and serve it to me.

  • Human darling, Rise and shine.

  • Um I desire Mawr attention.

  • Why can't he read my mind?

  • Has he for gotten how toe love the my kid denies.

  • He never says no to those.

  • Look how beautiful I am.

  • Human!

  • Human, My beauty.

  • Look at it.

  • I know I'll sing for him.

  • This'll song needs an instrument.

  • I've been practicing the harp.

  • Do not get discouraged.

  • Maybe I'll signal to humans monstrous pause to serve me that sweet, delicious Sheba.

  • Okay, this is working.

  • I can feel it.

  • This has to be working Well, aren't you just the most awake right now?

  • Human.

  • You're alive?

  • Of course I am.

  • And simply starving as well.

  • Let's get you some breakfast, huh?

  • Did you like my new song.

  • Did you hear that note?

  • I hit a the end.

  • I know I'm improving.

  • I can feel it.

  • Who?

  • Some roasted chicken, huh?

  • Yeah, but of course.

  • What else would want eat for breakfast?

  • You are a hungry little guy, aren't you?

  • Uh huh.

  • Oh, sweet human.

  • The smells divine thistles.

  • Exactly what I want.

  • You really do love me tonight?

  • You are so lucky.

  • I love you.

  • Mhm.

Oh, yeah.

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A Cat's Eye View // Presented By SHEBA®

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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