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  • did somebody say exciting thing?

  • The exciting X?

  • Yes.

  • Here.

  • Not Alfa mortals.

  • I'll fix this ax, Sacks.

  • Mm.

  • Bye, Rex.

  • There's no problem I can't fix I'm x When I'm thrown into the mix I'm the superhero ex So just watch my muscle flex I'm stronger than an ox More cunning than a box I'm x I'm extremely extraordinary and extra exciting I excel in exercising I'm x ex strikes again Excellent.

  • This'll parties puffing Wait Time to use my X ray vision x Sorry, ex fans, but I'm needed elsewhere.

  • Time for a quick check again.

  • Oh, yeah, Yeah.

  • Later We owe Baggio love Booth Head I can't go to sleep without my teddy d e d held hands and said at Ted One little love a block went off to bed full It looks jumping on the bed One fan on bumped his head I need a cuddle before I can sleep H u G held hands and said, Oh, good hug.

  • One more album Block went off to bed three.

  • Little loves jumping on the bed.

  • One fell off and bumped her head.

  • Actually, I just can't get to sleep in a P Hill Hands and said app E One more Alfa Block went off to bed todo of blocks jumping on the bed One fell off and bumped his head Oh c o t held hands and set up Cut one more Alfa Block went off to bed e o can do it.

  • Yes, you will.

  • I can do it.

  • Yes, I will.

  • When you're fit your climate hill When I'm Victor, climb that hill Alfa blocks are began Strong Alfa blocks are being strong free like training all day long way like training for a long stand Tall horns out, All hands stand out Oh oh yes Let that walk into the that walk into the He's quite deep but you don't care He's quite big We don't care in t way Okay?

  • Yes Yeah See that letter flythe She can flip into the sky g and leading Thio in Earth Old smooth Hey slip Don't you worry I'm okay We're not worried She's okay I'm not singing I'm just talking She's not singing She's just talking No me And in l out Shout out off Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh When I'm with Waken Ride on a boat goat When I'm with Well, shaving, shaving haute boat she 00 e oh, oh, oh When I'm with Oh, we could ride on the back of a oh doe A female deer gardens A mess we'll dig it up with Oh, just watch out, man You don't stop your 02 oh above e Pretty unbelievable Peaceful, unfair, Perfect unhappy coy crumbs Can I help?

  • Oh, cup cup, cup, cup cup Just woke up Tony Cup Cup cup cup A lovely cup of tea 00 you Perhaps if I pop over here is well, oh e don't want a pop I don't want a cop I don't want thio up I just want to get back down Oh, no Oh, pull you Oh, oh oh Way Oh, above Yeah Is that you?

  • You look at the mess you've made.

  • Oh, it wasn't my fault.

  • I don't believe you.

  • Tell her, E Tell her w you Oh, well, what do you say?

  • E w we say oh way Say you it waas you Why would I tell a lie?

  • Let me explain in song just in my story and you will know why I haven't done anything wrong.

  • Yeah, you look unhappy you.

  • Can we help?

  • Oh, you Oh, you, You, You, You, You, You, You, You You You You Why don't you try something you knew?

  • Oh, now that is you.

  • Oh, when they held hands, Michio Intrigue grew.

  • Oh, they tried again, But green twinge blue Yeah, it's got worse Stand away, you Oh!

did somebody say exciting thing?

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