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  • if you didn't borrow my money to buy me a gift, I would totally miss the fact that you love me.

  • So don't leave that out, Brother.

  • Don't leave that out.

  • When I'm hanging out with my dad, it feels like I'm hanging out with older version of myself.

  • I'm from a family of all women.

  • And then here comes Christopher.

  • You don't do anything original.

  • Everything original started with us were the O.

  • G s on.

  • So that is the reason why we get loud.

  • We're just not going to sit around and just let y'all outdo us.

  • We're going out big.

  • Hanging out with my dad is just a lot of fun.

  • I mean, we've done everything from horseback riding, toe bowling, hanging, hanging out the crib.

  • We grocery shop a lot, to be honest, like this one thing we really do it all depends on what son I get.

  • Because Chris is moody.

  • For the most part, high school baseball college baseball is always filling with each other.

  • The greatest joy and excitement for me hanging out with Jared is that we hang out as friends looking back on it now, it just seems like a rite of passage for a father to cut his son's hair.

  • The hair cut itself.

  • I don't really know what to say about that growing up, he always made it a big deal that I brushed my hair.

  • Always lotion or deodorant.

  • I just always remember him using old spice when we were growing up.

  • I always like seeing the bottles.

  • And the fragrance always was just this strong, like, you know, manly fragrance that I always just kind of like, associate with him.

  • It's a mix of the old school and the new school.

  • After baseball practice or basketball practice, Whenever he would get in the car, he would smell like that sport.

  • Now, that was definitely a moment you could have used.

  • Old Spice.

  • Yeah, one of the best things he ever taught me.

  • I can honestly say waas you might be broke, but you don't need to smell like it looked like it.

  • That's what kind of made me get into having colognes and, you know, wearing body sprays.

  • It is beautiful.

  • I smell.

  • I smell you see Spray.

  • I noticed your favorite.

  • Okay, Dad.

  • So listen, I have a surprise for you, and it is for Father's day.

  • And trust me, I use my own money.

  • What?

  • What?

  • Boom.

  • Old spice sea spray.

  • This is what you need right here.

  • Yeah, way often.

  • Say it.

  • But it's not so much the actual words.

  • I love you, but I would listen to him Is the son let him voice his descent if he disagreed?

  • The most covenant thing that we have is a handshake.

  • Just tell him about it.

  • Don't show it.

  • Just telling is one of them when he saved my dude and bring it in and then we standing chest.

  • The chest is close, so it's a lot of finger moving in there.

  • Your hands away.

  • They feel kind of gross, like he showed me everything.

  • My camera equipment.

  • As far as like giving me tips on like what I should use, in my opinion, that's the biggest I love you possible.

  • Yes, Dad, you are literally my hero.

  • If I could be a small percentage of the man that I've seen you be both on stage and off, I would be well above the rest.

  • So happy Father's Day to you.

if you didn't borrow my money to buy me a gift, I would totally miss the fact that you love me.

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Dads And Sons Reveal The Unique Ways They Show Love // Presented By Old Spice

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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