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  • China is noodle heaven.

  • Yes.

  • Wait.

  • Noodles, rice noodles.

  • The list is absolutely endless.

  • Hi, I'm Claressa and I'm excited to announce that we're doing Ah, whole Siri's just on noodles.

  • So how did this come about?

  • We just wrapped up a 13 part series on Chinese food called Eat China, where I traveled to four different regions of the country, learned about their food culture and ate at some of the best restaurants in town.

  • If you haven't seen it, the link is in the video description.

  • So actress Season one, we got a lot of feedback and you guys said you liked it when we dove deep into one specific dish.

  • So this time we've decided to focus just on noodles.

  • This is China Season two Noodle Edition.

  • Our first episode is actually a place I went through three years ago.

  • It's a noodle school in Lanzo, Gansu Province, where noodles are entirely hand tooled.

  • Later, we'll also have noodles made with bamboo noodles shaved with knives and noodles made with rice.

  • So why did you choose noodles?

  • Because it's one of those ingredients.

  • I think that really reflects the diversity of China.

  • For example, wheat noodles are more prevalent in northern China because that's where we grows.

  • And rice noodles are mostly found in the south because rice, as a crop requires much more rain in the south compared to the north gets plenty of it.

  • And also like with pasta in Italy, making Chinese noodles is an art.

  • It's not just flour and water, sometimes an alkaline substances added to make the noodles more chewing.

  • Sometimes they're made with flour and egg, and how you need and shape the dough is absolutely essential.

  • So what's the goal off the series?

  • The goal is to get people to appreciate the nuances of Chinese cuisine and hopefully get some hungry for noodles.

  • Are we to fake fake fake?

China is noodle heaven.

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Introducing Our Series on Chinese Noodles

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