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  • [Nancy] "Nancy's Slumber Party."

  • [dance music playing] [girls giggling]

  • [girls] Go, Rhonda! Go, Rhonda! Go, Rhonda! Go, Rhonda!

  • Yay! You did it! All right!

  • Oh, bonjour. Hello!

  • I'm having a slumber party.

  • That's fancy for a sleepover with friends.

  • Whew. Let's take a break from dancing. [music stops]

  • Yeah, there's so much else to do.

  • We're doing oodles of fun things.

  • Oodles is fancy for lots.

  • We're making our own popcorn with toppings.

  • I like adding Parmesan cheese 'cause it's cheesy.

  • Mm-hmm. Sounds delicious. [sniffs]

  • We're also weaving friendship bracelets to give to each other.

  • Aw. You made me so many, Nancy.

  • Well, you are my best friend, Bree.

  • [together] Best friends, you and me, better friends there could not be!

  • [giggling]

  • [door opens]

  • We also made our pillowcases into works of art.

  • Yeah, these are great for pillow fights, and I'm winning!

  • Nuh-uh! I am!

  • [sighs] Oui, it's been a bash, a blowout, a night to remember.

  • But now, it's time for some shut-eye. That means sleep.

  • Excusez-moi, everyone.

  • Grab your sleeping bags. It's time for bed.

  • Okay, it is kinda late.

  • It's past my bedtime.

  • Sure. If you say so.

  • Wait. No. Oh, sacré bleu! What am I thinking?

  • Forget the sleeping bags. Let's dance!

  • [dance music playing]

  • Yes! Hey-hey! Let's boogie!

  • All right, extra innings!

  • Ooh là là! Slumber parties are more than fun.

  • They're entertaining.

  • [girls] Go, Nancy! Go, Nancy! Go, Nancy! Go, Nancy!

[Nancy] "Nancy's Slumber Party."

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