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  • (bangs)

  • - [Mother] Move the rest of the glasses now.

  • (popping and clicking)

  • (dishes clinking)

  • - (popping, squeaking, and grunting) Coy.

  • (fun, upbeat music)

  • - [Interviewer] If you had the choice

  • to get rid of your Tourettes, would you?

  • - (pops and clicks) No, I wouldn't.

  • Yes, I would, yes, yes, I would, yes.

  • No, I wouldn't because it makes me unique

  • and it makes me who I am.

  • Zach, I love you. (beeps)

  • I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.

  • - [Interviewer] Can you drive with Tourettes?

  • - (pops, clicks, and squeaks) Yes, you can.

  • I have my permit and I can get my license,

  • but I don't because (hums and pats)

  • my tic and anxiety are too out of control

  • and we need to get them under control.

  • (stammers and squeaks)

  • - [Interviewer] Do you tic in your sleep?

  • - I don't think I do, I've been told I do,

  • but I've also been told that I don't.

  • - [Interviewer] Are you embarrassed by your tics?

  • - Yes, I am, I'm extremely embarrassed.

  • Coy. (squeaks)

  • And it is really hard to post on social media about it.

  • I never really used to tell anybody.

  • And now, a lot of people know, coy.

  • - [Interviewer] Have your ticks calmed down

  • since we're out of school?

  • - No, no, no!

  • Yes, yes, no, they haven't.

  • They have actually got in a lot worse

  • because of the anxiety about everything that's going on.

  • Why do you always say, "Coy?"

  • - Because a YouTuber that I watched, who has Tourettes,

  • has that as a tic and I picked it up,

  • probably like two years ago, coy.

  • So that's why.

  • - [Interviewer] Have you ever called 911 because of a tic?

  • - Yes, I have.

  • Liar, don't lie to yourself, chicken.

  • I have not, but there is this setting

  • on my phone where if you click the on and off button,

  • like six times fast, it calls 911, and that has happened.

  • - [Interviewer] When you're having a tic attack,

  • do you remember what you say or do?

  • - Sometimes, I do and sometimes, I don't.

  • Also, that's how it is (squeaks) with anxiety attacks.

  • I usually don't remember the anxiety attack,

  • but tic attacks, it depends.

  • Do I have a favorite tic?

  • Yes, all the ones about Zach.

  • (fun, upbeat music)


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Teen With Tourette Syndrome Answers Your Questions

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