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  • We all make mistakes when we type.

  • Luckily, word comes with several different tools that can help you proof.

  • Read your document and correct any mistakes.

  • Let's take a look to run a full spelling and grammar check, go to the review tab.

  • Click the Spelling and Grammar Command, and the pain will appear on the right.

  • From here, word will walk you through the errors in your document to correct an error.

  • Simply click one of the suggestions.

  • This will update your document and take you to the next terror automatically.

  • Now Spellcheck isn't perfect.

  • Sometimes it will say a word is spelled wrong when it isn't like people's names, street names and other unique proper downs.

  • If that happens, you have a couple different options.

  • Ignore once will skip the word one time without changing it.

  • Ignore all will skip the word every time it appears in your document.

  • You can also add the word to your dictionary so it never comes up is an error again.

  • Just make sure the word is spelled correctly before you go with this option.

  • At this point, even though I'm not done, I'm going to close the spelling and grammar pain so we can take a look at the automatic spelling and grammar check instead by default.

  • Word is actually designed to detect spelling and grammar errors while you type.

  • That's what these little colorful lines air for.

  • So you can check your document manually like I just showed you.

  • Or you can refer to the marks and make corrections as you go.

  • Here's how it works.

  • Red means that there's a spelling error to correct it.

  • All you have to do is right.

  • Click, then choose the proper spelling from the menu.

  • Blue means that there's some kind of grammatical error in this example.

  • It looks like I used the wrong word in the context of the sentence.

  • I should have used their as in Let's have a party at their house.

  • Word can be pretty good at picking up on errors like this, but there's certain things that set to ignore by default, including sentence fragments, poor sentence structure and other common grammar mistakes.

  • To include these things in your grammar check, you'll need to adjust the default proofing settings.

  • To do this, go to the backstage view, click options in the left pane, then navigate to proofing in the dialog box to customize your grammar settings.

  • Look for writing style near the bottom of the window, then click the settings button to the right and another dialog box will appear.

  • Here.

  • You can turn specific items on or off to better suit your needs.

  • There's still lots of other ways that you can customize your settings, depending on your preferences.

  • For instance, you can stop word from marking spelling and grammar errors while you type.

  • If the feature effort gets annoying, you can also turn off frequently confused words like their vs there.

  • Keep in mind your spelling and grammar choices on lee.

  • Apply to your copy of word.

  • So if you ignore any errors or add a word to your dictionary, for example, your name those colorful lines will reappear when you send the document to someone else.

  • You can avoid this issue by hiding spelling and grammar errors in this particular document.

  • Just check the two boxes near the bottom of the window.

  • When you're done, click OK, and now those errors air hidden.

  • If you use this option, you'll still want to make sure there are no actual errors in your document, so you may want to run another spelling and grammar check before sending the document to someone else.

  • This feature can be really useful as long as you're confident that your document is correct.

  • It's still a good idea to have someone look over your work just to make sure word hasn't missed anything important.

  • G c f global creating opportunities for a better life.

We all make mistakes when we type.

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