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  • for you.

  • Oh, he is on every touch me way e until I turn apart.

  • But yes, Bouzou e e can say you that it's not religion one e always having new new ones.

  • It's a more, more, more geopolitical world.

  • It's not on the world about or for Canada, it's the world.

  • It's a competition now between Charki on Russia who will rule rule in South Kafka's And in Kafka Thank you, e make it's up by teaching.

  • Well, Romberg Chili making you can say stay fighters.

  • Yeah, Joe!

  • So what can you tell me?

  • Gonna think really hard for me s Arctic nod yes gives you to say that cricket started maybe muscle political names.

  • Yeah, And when you come with me and I'll let you get way he is on it Every touched on me.

  • He saw Menards medals.

  • Yea, Veep Nagle Tetanus madman Oh, Cosmas Hobbiton needs give kiss Paul!

  • Oh my God!

  • Give us peace!

  • Save our people Encouraging people, Please help us.

  • That's what I e asking my guts.

  • Kiss Paul, Come with Theo.

  • Woman!

  • Oh, mhm!

for you.

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