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Now, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Zhihao Xu wanna sing a song. Yeah, the song is "Golden Cover Silver"~
Let's pa po ah. (clap your hands) ~
Other's life is golden and silver.
But, my life is no money
Other's saying is pearl and jewelry.
I (na shi) say much (wa le) something (doe) happening.
Oh, my birthday was a not good day.
They are rich men. I am playing man.
Outside the window birds singing Si-So-mi.
I can't control own my body.
I am no body, but I am so lonely.
I have only whisky.
All the memory don't want take it.
Want to return ~ah~ I don't have courage.
What are you singing about? Don't Don't Don't pa po ah (clap your hands).
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【聽歌學英文-東洋風】許志豪 金包銀 英文字幕版

7466 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on June 4, 2014    阿多賓 translated
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