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  • goal.

  • Four of the Sustainable development goals.

  • Quality education.

  • What is lifelong learning and why does it matter?

  • Meet Carl.

  • Carl just graduated from college and started a new job, but realizes he wants to keep learning new skills in an academic setting.

  • Carl to go back to school but is overwhelmed by all the different subjects that he can learn.

  • With all the new information available and even more new fields emerging, Carl decides to pursue lifelong learning.

  • Lifelong learning can best be described as the ongoing pursuit of knowledge for professional or personal benefit on a completely self motivated and voluntary basis.

  • Mhm lifelong learners realize that learning should not be limited to childhood and classrooms, but should be employed throughout life and in a range of situations.

  • Lifelong learning has a wide variety of benefits.

  • The best part is anyone can be a lifelong learner.

  • The first step in becoming a lifelong learner is to make the decision to become one.

  • It's also important to engage in work that supports and encourages your lifelong learning desires.

  • Mhm examples include attending workshops, taking up apprenticeships and promoting your hobbies to help monitor your progress and show others the strides you've made to help encourage them.

  • The most important thing needed to be a lifelong learner is time setting aside.

  • Time to pursue your lifelong learning dreams helps you manage your daily tasks and gives you the opportunity to learn on your own time.

  • Learning doesn't end after school.

  • The world is full of information.

  • All we have to do is take it in.


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What is lifelong learning?

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