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  • The rhythm and motion of the natural world.

  • Birds chirping, insects buzzing, spiders weaving, farm animals grazing, together, a tapestry of flora and fauna.

  • But then a sudden disruption in the cosmos.

  • A solar eclipse.

  • As the moon blocks out the sun, the earth suddenly grows darker and cooler, and the animal kingdom reacts.

  • According to researchers, birds stopped singing and cower in their nests.

  • They get quiet, but the bees get louder.

  • A restless buzzing emanates from their hives as they quickly fly in and out.

  • On the farm, chickens and cows returned to the barn.

  • They believe night has come early and anxiously seek the safety of their shelters.

  • For nocturnal animals, the eclipse is an alarm clock.

  • Bats and owls become more alert and come out to feed.

  • It lasts for just minutes.

  • But then, almost as quickly as it came, the eclipse passes and daylight returns.

  • Confused and apprehensive creatures pierced the eerie quiet with an explosion of sound, welcoming the sun back to the sky.

The rhythm and motion of the natural world.

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