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  • It's the land of soup, dumplings, steamed crabs and sweet and sour fish.

  • The food in this region is known for its clean light flavors and fresh seafood from the river and sea.

  • This is the food of Jiangsu and Shanghai.

  • Chinese food is more than just stir fry noodles and dumplings.

  • I'm Claressa and I'm taking you on a journey through China to try authentic Chinese food region by region.

  • First, where exactly is Jiangsu?

  • It's a province in the south eastern part of China.

  • Songhai is just outside of Jiangsu and is heavily influenced by its cuisine.

  • Known as the land of fish and rice, this region is anchored by waterways, so you can expect lots of freshwater fish and crustaceans.

  • Thes two lakes in particular, are famous for their seafood.

  • They're also breeding grounds for aquatic vegetables like lotus root and water chestnut.

  • But what really sets this regions food apart is spectacular.

  • Knife work?

  • A.

  • And it's not just poultry that's processed with fancy knife skills.

  • There's also finally sliced tofu and this fish carved into the shape of a squirrel way.

  • No dunk.

  • Slow food looks good, but what about the flavor profiles compared to other regions.

  • In China, the food tends to be rather sweet.

  • This'll sauce is used to make dishes like red braised pork and red braised duck.

  • Even soup dumplings have a hint of sugar soup.

  • Dumplings are arguably this region's most famous export, their delicate pockets of pork and souped wrapped into a thin wheat skin.

  • And they come in different sizes, depending on where they're from.

  • This version from Yangzhou is so big that it requires a straw.

  • So why is everything so sweet?

  • E Thank you, Joel.

  • A e o E o uh, my mother.

  • Uh, wait, uh, you can expect to find lots of deserts in this part of China, like hung in sweet rice balls in soup garnished with osmanthus flowers and sticky sweet rice cakes.

  • So visit this region if you're looking for delicate flavors, fresh seafood and sweet dumplings.

  • Up next, we're going to go on a food tour of Sung Hae and reveal the best soup dumplings in town.

  • Questions asked me directly in the comments below.

It's the land of soup, dumplings, steamed crabs and sweet and sour fish.

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Why Is Shanghai Food So Sweet? - Eat China (S1E8)

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