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  • say, What will you be for Halloween?

  • You can use your imagination to be anything you want like a cat superhero.

  • Ah, Princess, Doctor or even your favorite food Hot dog.

  • I can't wait to see what costume you choose.

  • Trick or treat.

  • Trick hurry.

  • Let's count down to spectacular fun with accounting game.

  • How Maney Donald's are there?

  • One to three.

  • Let's play again.

  • How many minutes can you count?

  • Why to three or fine?

  • OK, let's keep playing.

  • How many Bingos are there?

  • 1234 Grieve tastic.

  • Let's play again.

  • How many Rolley's can you spot?

  • 123 456 Great, Let's go again.

  • How many Pips are there?

  • 123 Spoon.

  • Sure, let's keep playing.

  • How Maney Freddie's Can you find?

  • One?

  • Two?

  • 34 56 Keep up the great counting, pal.

  • It's time for a break.

  • Ready?

  • Let's monster movie.

  • It's Dumpty!

  • Dance time.

  • Put your arms up in front of you.

  • Shuffle side to side and add a little grunt sound to the beat.

  • That way, its skeleton Dance time.

  • Remove your head from side to side.

  • Get loose.

  • Swing your arms.

  • No, the other one and wobble.

  • Wobble wobble your legs now step side the side and shake, Shake, Shake those phones a black cap boogie Throw those claws in the air and wailed like you just don't care And I hit me How, Leo, you know, shake, shake, shake your tail And it's such a treat hanging with something's in the air.

  • Feelings get pumpkins everywhere staring.

say, What will you be for Halloween?

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