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  • don't want a union.

  • Thes lanterns air everywhere during traditional festivals like Chinese New Year.

  • And 80% of these vendors in China are made in this little village called Quinto.

  • Two hours by train from Beijing.

  • The waiter don't What are solid yet, Tanya?

  • Essential.

  • We'll see the whole a harsh Indiana or, uh, catch.

  • Generally don't know now when you use E.

  • Oh, my mother has a, uh so don't wanna fight in a searching water booth.

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  • I think the legend Gaia.

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  • Uh, that does not, Of course.

  • No going out at me.

  • That's so I don't want the job.

  • Uh, Julia?

  • Uh huh.

  • Judging, uh, presidential election.

  • Suze Lenders air sold across China and even in Southeast Asian countries where Chinese communities celebrating traditional holidays, the village of Quinto makes more than 80 million lanterns a year and brings in about $160 million from the business.

  • But how did this small village become the lantern capital of China?

  • Local lord goes that it started over 300 years ago, the village leader discovered a skilled land, her master, and decided to have him make a lantern as a gift for the Emperor.

  • The Emperor was impressed.

  • And that's how the town became famous for its lander.

  • Although there's no official historical record of this story, it continues to be a famous legend known across China.

  • Huh?

  • Come to what?

  • They don't know.

  • Just the sort of the video.

  • Yes, E O.

  • But rising demand also means that workshops in Twin Tower can't keep making them entirely by hand anymore.

  • Uh, so you tow whatever Have your pain, Charlie?

  • Burying their parents or?

  • Oh, Booth, I think.

don't want a union.

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