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  • These noodles are made from rice, and they're in the main carb choice for people in southwestern China, where they're eaten all day long, 365 days a year.

  • But unlike noodles made from wheat, which have a longer shelf life, rice noodles go bad quickly, which means they have to be made deliver, cooked and consumed within 24 hours.

  • China is noodle heaven, wheat noodles, rice noodles thin, thick.

  • The list of options is endless.

  • This series is all about.

  • Noodles will be featuring 10 different kinds of noodles across China and show you how they're made and how they're served.

  • Here in Yunnan Province, in southwestern China, noodles are eaten for breakfast, and they're made entirely out of rice.

  • Rice noodles are two people here as, say, pasta is to Italy, and bread is to France.

  • Mm this'll is a rice noodle factory, and every day from 9 p.m. To 2 a.m. They make up to 18 tons of fresh rice noodles.

  • So how are they made?

  • Let's get right into it.

  • First, the rice is soaked in water and left to ferment for 16 hours.

  • This process modifies the starch and gives the noodles, their signature springy texture.

  • The rice is then grounded into a paste, combined with water to make a slurry and then compress and molded into noodles.

  • Noodles air, then quickly blanched and washed in cold water.

  • They're inspected and finally packed and sent out to restaurants in the middle of the night.

  • So why do people in southwestern China prefer eating rice noodles over wheat?

  • We asked, and she Shaka cooking influencer and Yunnan Province for her take e thing is Giaffone and she's the manager of a rice noodle restaurant in Yunnan, where they cook and sell over £260 of rice noodles every day.

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  • The result is a remarkably balanced, spicy and savory stew anchored by slippery rice noodles.

  • And every night before she closes, Giaffone will put in a new order of noodles from her vendor.

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  • Uh, show me, Jonah.

  • And the cycle repeats itself every day, like clockwork.

  • With each step in the process dependent on the other.

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  • And that's it for each China season two, we hope you enjoyed all the noodles where you want your feedback for the next season.

  • What types of Chinese food do you want to see us cover?

These noodles are made from rice, and they're in the main carb choice for people in southwestern China, where they're eaten all day long, 365 days a year.

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How 18 Tons of Rice Noodles Are Made - Eat China (S2E10)

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