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  • Hey, you wanna play Guessed that sugar?

  • Yes, please.

  • Emery, Let's go check a ticket Typing Thanh I wonder how you play.

  • Guess that Tugger V will tell you how it works.

  • Have fun.

  • Thanks, Emery.

  • Okay, kiddo.

  • There's a train hiding in that tunnel.

  • I'll give you a few clues and you try guessing which chucker it ISS Okay, V Right.

  • First clue.

  • This'll train loves animals.

  • E is it Wilson?

  • Hey, get off!

  • Shoo!

  • Shoo!

  • Stop it!

  • It is not loosen.

  • Good try, though.

  • Next clue.

  • This train likes to go fast.

  • Booster Can't catch me slow Coach Brewster.

  • That's okay, Emery.

  • Slow and steady is the way I roll.

  • It's not Brewster.

  • Eider.

  • Remember, a chucker that lights animals goes fast and here is the last clue.

  • This chucker is green eyes it cocoa train tastic.

  • You guys right?

  • It's me.

  • You're my favorite jugar.

  • Well, hop aboard, then.

  • I'll take you for a ride around chucking tonight.

  • A train ride is Coco.

  • Yes, all the board Chugga chugga too.

  • Me with Tucker coming through.

  • Hey, you wanna play?

  • Guessed that sugar?

  • Yes, please.

Hey, you wanna play Guessed that sugar?

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