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  • [MUSIC]

  • -Some kids, they want to grow up to be president.

  • Some kids want to be a doctor, you know?

  • I just wanted to be bad.

  • -Let's just get that fucking cash and go on spring break.

  • -They kicked me out of school.

  • I thought that was great.

  • -Freeze, motherfuckers!

  • Give me all your money now!

  • -Shit.

  • That was the best thing in the world.

  • -Spring break, bitches.

  • -I'm about making money.

  • -This is the fucking American Dream.

  • -I'll always remember this trip.

  • -This is the way it's going to be forever.

  • -Now let me guess.

  • Spring breakers?

  • -Somebody loves y'all.

  • -Why are you here?

  • -Come on, y'all.

  • Why you acting suspicious?

  • Get in.

  • -You're going to be our chauffeur?

  • -Yeah.

  • You can play Beyonce.

  • -I don't know these people.

  • And I don't know this guy.

  • I want to go home.

  • -And then you're going to be back right where you started.

  • And you'll be thinking, hmm, maybe I missed

  • something out there.

  • -I knew y'all's special from the moment I saw you.

  • You're my motherfucking soul mates.

  • Let's cause some trouble now.

  • -Spring break, bitches!



  • -Sit down, motherfucker, sit down!


  • belong to me.

  • -Y'all want to die tonight?

  • -You're fucking scared, aren't you?

  • -What if we just used you to come here?

  • -Spring break forever, bitches.


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Spring Breakers - Official Red Band Trailer (2013) [HD]

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    VoiceTube posted on 2013/04/04
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