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  • in the future.

  • Getting dressed may involve a lot more tech than you ever expected, so this is where you know you can see.

  • Like it's really photo realistic quality.

  • Even though it's three D, they see the for like moving first up Amazon's Echo Look, they call it a style assistant, so we put it to the test.

  • Alexa, Alexa, Alexa, take a picture against an actual stylist.

  • I wanna see.

  • It's like Oh my gosh, that zone And then there we go.

  • Let's do a style check.

  • It's review takes some time, but when it's done, it ranks.

  • Which one?

  • It likes the best.

  • According to Alexa, I am supposed to wear the light blue daytime outfit.

  • Oh, they say the colors bet for you.

  • The outfit shape works better for you.

  • Amazon's algorithm doesn't stop at telling you what looks good.

  • It also tries to sell you close, but it's suggestions or hit or miss.

  • And while the echo look may help you decide between two looks, it can take into account the nuance of where you're going.

  • But when you hear about the development of all of these advanced technology, do you worry about the future of your job for me.

  • I personally don't.

  • I think with, you know, the future of technology and fashion I think will benefit like production and retail as a stylist.

  • There's just that interpersonal communication that you can't replace.

  • Since the emergence of e commerce, how we shop is moving away from stores.

  • Some tech companies are trying to enhance the digital shopping experience by introducing a R and V.

  • R.

  • How do you see a AR and VR changing the shopping experience?

  • We see it changing completely.

  • Like if you think about B commerce, every brand and every product essentially looks the same online.

  • That doesn't encapsulate like what the brand is about.

  • So we're building the technology that will enable any brand and retailer to create amazing, immersive, discovery based shopping experiences.

  • I really that much better than online shopping is.

  • Currently you have to try it.

  • Yeah, and with this technology, we're getting closer and closer to the real world because the real world is three dimensional.

  • It's all around us.

  • It's not just so whatever technology you can get us closer to the real world like that is gonna be the next thing.

  • Eventually, this will be you because that's the Holy Grail for fashion is like, I want to see how I look in this.

  • Not only do you need a three d model, but you need the physics built into this model to see how the fabric flows, like how it's gonna stretch.

  • Yeah, so all of that is going is becoming possible.

  • We're not quite there yet.

  • If a r N b r want to change how we shop, digital avatars need to actually look and move like humans.

  • Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligence Systems created Cloth Cap, which captures how clothing moves on a digital avatar.

  • It can also estimate how clothing looks on different body types.

  • It will be years before we're shopping in our bedrooms in a AR and VR.

in the future.

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