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  • paintings says, You know you had a young player where you're you three.

  • King of Rock and roll.

  • Elvis Presley died more than 40 years ago, but 67 year old Quach Glam Sang, also known as Mel Vis, keeps the king's spirit alive in Rothe.

  • Yeah, yeah, he said day in here to see what they dio Ukrainian way with hollow toe Chilean.

  • Here's your Sicilian leather Sanga.

  • For over two decades, Quach has Bean, a local legend performing in Hongkong's busy bar district of Lan Kwai Fong.

  • But when he first came to the city, he worked in an electron ICS factory.

  • Then one event changed the course of his life forever.

  • Why is your Children's little, uh uh uh Bolduan Cantona?

  • What you want Tanker or yes, you want can cheat so you might water so water, water, Alicia, guy, Whatever.

  • Whatever water from Young, my longer was hazing e, but it wasn't easy.

  • In the beginning, Elvis was not a household name in Hong Kong, where home growing Cantonese stars were more popular.

  • He realized he needed a more global fan base and discovered language film Ah bar district, popular with expats and tourists, Chinese with your union.

  • What?

  • You know you girl?

  • I'm quit from days and generally was your cheetah.

  • So you guys, you when I've been when you want subsea ocean water tanker are all you Golob on a case over Verily will eat by quiet e way e have been seeing him since 97.

  • It's like a legend Hong Kong E So what is a classic example?

  • Put me here.

  • Want something?

  • You.

  • So you so hold.

  • Yeah, that's a system.

  • Does that they what we owe?

  • Yes, I'm using what changes making once I do.

  • While most Elvis impersonators do it as a side gig for Quach, it has become a lifestyle.

  • Strapping on his guitar wearing the sequin jumpsuit full time You know what you really get?

  • Old one.

  • Where were you?

  • Recover Clock Has vowed to keep performing until he's too sick to continue.

  • What motivated water?

  • Lisa Just a song E o Oh!

paintings says, You know you had a young player where you're you three.

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Melvis the Pelvis: Hong Kong's Elvis Impersonator for Nearly 30 Years

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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