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  • Goal five of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Gender equality.

  • Why is feminism so necessary?

  • For many years, women have been discriminated against for various reasons.

  • They have been denied basic rights, delegated to thankless jobs and treated as second class citizens.

  • Women have not had much representation and have had to fight hard to get their voices heard.

  • Even in today's time, women are paid less than their male counterparts for similar jobs and are victims of sexual misconduct inside and outside of the workplace.

  • Women have tirelessly continued to fight for equal rights and have recently been rewarded for their hard work.

  • The feminist movement has taken many different forms throughout the years, but their goal has never changedwomen's empowerment.

  • Recently, other minorities and even majority demographics have become more vocal of women struggling championing for their rights,

  • more companies are beginning to see women take positions in leadership roles,

  • and businessmen, actors, athletes, and other influential people are starting to demand that women receive the same payment men received for similar roles.

  • This shift in power is leaving the feminist movement in the right direction.

  • Events such as the formation of the Women's Suffrage Association in 1869 and the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920 were huge stepping stones towards women empowerment that are still relevant today.

  • When others stand up for women and use their privilege to help push for equality, change is bound to blossom on the horizon.

Goal five of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Why Is Feminism Necessary?

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