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We're back with Meryl Streep and you've kissed a lot of actors over the years
And we wanna see how well
-you would recognize just the lips -okay -just the lips, all right, let's see the first set of lips
I have no idea
is that George Clooney?
-I never kissed him -No, maybe you have
no, it's Alec Baldwin
I don't know where you're looking at when you kiss him
alright let's see the next set of lips.. -oh that's Clint.. That's Clint Eastwood
right, That's right, all right
it's easy when you're looking at the name but it is kind of hard but when you look at that
I just have no idea
its you ”death becomes her“ with him
oh that's Bruce.. Yeah that's Bruce Willis
I don't think I've kissed him. You didn't kiss him? I didn't kiss him.Well he said you did
Next set of lips .. That's Emma
Emma Thompson
Next set of lips You kissed a lot of people
That looks like Newt Gingrich
Did you kiss him?
-oh no...no...no... -again "it's complicated" Oh it's..
its.. That's Steve! Yes Steve Martin. But it's look like.. oh
oh. ok.I thought it was Albert Brooks.
Well.. Let's see the next one. That's Albert Brooks.
Defending Your Life, Oh it's a great movie!
and let's see the next set of lips
that looks like
that looks like I don't know how many women have you kissed??
That's the second set of lips of a woman and now how many
Is that a woman? yes, that's a woman! Okay I don't know I don't know.. I can't remember how many women
It's Sandra Bullock
oh yeah! At the critic choice awards, that's right, that's right
You don't remember that? Yes yes I got it
the iron lady is in select theaters now and it opens everywhere tomorrow
you must go see this movie because she's gonna win! we'll be right back
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Meryl Streep Kisses and Tells (The Ellen show)

6112 Folder Collection
吳謙 published on May 31, 2014    Wendy translated    Vicky reviewed
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