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  • We're back with Meryl Streep and you've kissed a lot of actors over the years

  • And we wanna see how well

  • -you would recognize just the lips -okay -just the lips, all right, let's see the first set of lips

  • I have no idea

  • is that George Clooney?

  • -I never kissed him -No, maybe you have

  • no, it's Alec Baldwin

  • I don't know where you're looking at when you kiss him

  • alright let's see the next set of lips.. -oh that's Clint.. That's Clint Eastwood

  • right, That's right, all right

  • it's easy when you're looking at the name but it is kind of hard but when you look at that

  • I just have no idea

  • its youdeath becomes herwith him

  • oh that's Bruce.. Yeah that's Bruce Willis

  • I don't think I've kissed him. You didn't kiss him? I didn't kiss him.Well he said you did

  • Next set of lips .. That's Emma

  • Emma Thompson

  • Next set of lips You kissed a lot of people

  • That looks like Newt Gingrich

  • Did you kiss him?

  • -oh -again "it's complicated" Oh it's..

  • its.. That's Steve! Yes Steve Martin. But it's look like.. oh

  • oh. ok.I thought it was Albert Brooks.

  • Well.. Let's see the next one. That's Albert Brooks.

  • Defending Your Life, Oh it's a great movie!

  • and let's see the next set of lips

  • that looks like

  • that looks like I don't know how many women have you kissed??

  • That's the second set of lips of a woman and now how many

  • Is that a woman? yes, that's a woman! Okay I don't know I don't know.. I can't remember how many women

  • It's Sandra Bullock

  • oh yeah! At the critic choice awards, that's right, that's right

  • You don't remember that? Yes yes I got it

  • the iron lady is in select theaters now and it opens everywhere tomorrow

  • you must go see this movie because she's gonna win! we'll be right back

We're back with Meryl Streep and you've kissed a lot of actors over the years

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Meryl Streep Kisses and Tells (The Ellen show)

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    吳謙 posted on 2014/05/31
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