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  • Here's how to download music to your iPhone before getting started.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes or Apple music on your computer for Mac users.

  • If you've upgraded your operating system to Catalina, then iTunes has been replaced with Apple music for older Mac OS s.

  • You can check for iTunes updates in the APP store.

  • For PC users, you can download iTunes from the Microsoft store.

  • First, let's import music into iTunes or Apple music on your computer, go to file, then import, then select a file or folder and click open.

  • Older versions of iTunes might say add folder toe library instead of import.

  • But it's the same thing.

  • Repeat this import process for different folders and files until all music you want downloaded to your iPhone is located in the library in iTunes or Apple Music.

  • Now plug in your iPhone.

  • If this is the first time connecting your iPhone to the computer, you have to allow access in your find your window.

  • Find your iPhone on the left under locations, click Trust on your computer and the phone next inside Apple Music on the left.

  • Under devices, you should see your iPhone click it now on the upper right side.

  • Click on Sync Settings.

  • This opens a finder window showing the sync settings between your iPhone and your computer.

  • Click on the music tab under the iPhone device.

  • Information at the top.

  • Check the box that says Sink music on toe iPhone.

  • Here's where you can decide which artists, albums, genres or playlists you want downloaded to your iPhone.

  • Or you can just download your entire music library and finally, just click sink at the bottom.

  • Now your music is on your phone.

  • You can also sync over WiFi under the general tab Click Show.

  • This iPhone went on WiFi and then click automatically sink.

  • When this iPhone is connected, this will sink your phone over WiFi.

  • The sink process may take a while, especially if you have a lot of music.

  • When it's complete, you can click the eject button next to your iPhone in the finder window.

  • If you're connected by WiFi, you don't need to eject.

Here's how to download music to your iPhone before getting started.

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