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  • welcome to the first ever, as seen on G.

  • T Cook off Sichuan Peppercorn extravaganza.

  • Today we have three gold thread members, and they will be kicking off to the death bringing us there.

  • Sichuan Peppercorn inspired dishes.

  • The rules are simple.

  • Quick and 45 minutes you Sichuan peppercorns and have their dish previously eaten by human beings and survived.

  • Animals do not count.

  • So if everyone agrees with the terms and conditions, click on the box on the Sichuan Peppercorn Cook off Extravaganza shall begin.

  • Let's go introducing the team first, we have Claressa, the resident Food Snob way, whom you may have seen in such videos as Wild Hunt for Mushrooms in Search of the Face Skinny and the SingTel Beer Festival.

  • Next we have Victoria.

  • I can't cook more than three dishes.

  • Hope our fearless executive producer, who you may have seen presenting our Livestream shows.

  • And, of course, Costco comes to China.

  • Lastly, and possibly out of all our contestants today, he has the lowest perceived score on the cooking dollar scale.

  • Henley.

  • My cooking never killed nobody yet chew.

  • You might have spotted him in our East coast, Siri's or seen him display his amazing eating abilities to identify mysterious meets in our gold thread show taste tests that speak to each of our contestants and see what they can tell us about their hopes, their dreams and what goes into their dishes.

  • The resident food.

  • What snob?

  • I think Victoria coined that phrase the resident food snobs.

  • Because Victoria has the competitive side.

  • Why do you think you can be known as E?

  • People who knows me knows I'm a big fan of cooking, always been a chef, you know, always wanted to be a chef.

  • My best Christine I've ever made that I'm very proud off our instant noodles feels like it's, like, really hard, but it's actually pretty easy.

  • Wow, I really only cook three dishes, and so I'm very well rehearsed, I think.

  • My dishes medium effort.

  • It just sounds fancy and looks fancy because there's a lot of chili oil in it.

  • High e effort.

  • Highest off all I don't know what are they cooking, but wait until you see my dish.

  • E Think it is medium to low effort but high on taste while we finished setting up.

  • Here's what you need to know about our featured ingredient the Sichuan Peppercorn meet the inspiration for our show.

  • Things cook off came about after Claressa brought back peppercorn from Chengdu.

  • We wanted to try cooking with it.

  • What's the difference between the green and the red?

  • If you're curious to try them yourselves, you can get them fresh from the gold thread shop in the link below.

  • Make sure to check out part to to see who wins.

  • The as seen on G T Cook off Sichuan Peppercorn extravaganza.

  • I'm definitely winning link in the description.

  • Happy shopping.

  • Yeah, Mhm.

welcome to the first ever, as seen on G.

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