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  • NARRATOR: Researchers have confirmed

  • 100 bull shark attacks.

  • But the real number may be much higher because the bull shark

  • is so difficult to identify.

  • When you first look at a bull shark,

  • it doesn't really jump out at you that it's a bull shark.

  • It just kind of looks like other sharks.

  • You have kind of grayish brown on top, white below.

  • That's really different from an iconic species like the tiger

  • shark that has that really square head

  • and those stripes that set it apart from any other species.

  • And then you also have white sharks.

  • Nobody's going to mistake a white shark.

  • This is a really iconic look.

  • You have the torpedo shape, the tail, the bright white belly,

  • slate gray above.

  • NARRATOR: The bull shark's looks aren't showy or iconic.

  • But if you know what to look for, you'll never forget it.

  • When you really start to look closer at the bull sharks,

  • you see some features that differ

  • from typical shark shape.

  • They almost look like swimming mounds in time.

  • They're really thick from those pectoral fins forward,

  • huge jaws.

  • And then, they've got the musculature to back that up.

NARRATOR: Researchers have confirmed

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