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  • The deadline to vote

  • Yep. is around the corner,

  • and I know this is a major cause of yours,

  • and I think it's something that everybody's concerned about

  • right now, which is

  • the number of people that will decide this election,

  • the number of people that decided the last election

  • was so razor thin that everyone needs to understand

  • how important their vote is.

  • It's crucial.

  • Oh, and you know, it amazes me to hear people say,

  • "Well, I didn't vote 'cause I didn't think it mattered."

  • And, as you mentioned, this last election,

  • in some of the swing states,

  • the margin of difference was five votes per precinct.

  • And that wasn't just unique to this past election.

  • I mean, I have been campaigning in midterm elections

  • and in the last several elections,

  • and I've looked at the statistics,

  • and every time you look at the margin of victory,

  • because we have such a low voting percentage

  • in this country,

  • that for every election, at every level,

  • we're talking about one, two, five, 10, 50 votes

  • that determine who your mayor is,

  • who your governor is,

  • who your council member is.

  • So, every vote absolutely matters,

  • and people just take this for granted.

  • And then when it doesn't turn out the way they had hoped,

  • they're shocked and upset.

  • But this is a democracy,

  • and yes, sometimes it's frustrating,

  • and sometimes it can be alienating.

  • I get that,

  • but I've also traveled the world,

  • and I've seen other forms of government,

  • and I wouldn't trade our democracy

  • for anything in the world,

  • but in order for it to work,

  • we need active, engaged and informed citizens

  • who are ready to do the one, pretty simple thing,

  • which is vote.

  • And you can mail it in. (chuckles)

  • Yep. You can stand in line

  • if you want.

  • You can vote early,

  • you can do it all ways,

  • yes, we could have more ways to vote.

  • It could be easier,

  • and hopefully with the right leadership,

  • we'll get voting requirements that will be easier.

  • But right now, it's pretty easy.

  • (laughs) Yeah.

  • It takes some planning,

  • and people can get the information they need,

  • but we just can't afford for people to take the attitude

  • that voting doesn't count.

  • It absolutely does.

The deadline to vote

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Michelle Obama: Every Vote Absolutely Matters - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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