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  • Hot dog! And popcorn, too!

  • -Ha-ha! It's movie night! -[barks]

  • And we're gonna watch a fun monster movie on TV!

  • -[barks] -[thunder crashes]

  • I invited Wormy, but he's not here yet!

  • -I wonder where he is. -[scary music playing]

  • All right! The movie's starting!

  • [spooky voice] The Day Giant Bananas

  • From Outer Space Took Over the World!

  • Hey! What's goin' on?!

  • All right, that's enough, slick!

  • - Put me down! -[thunder crashes]

  • [yelps]

  • It's just thunder and lightning!

  • At least we're not outside!

  • Oh! What a night!

  • I hope I'm not too late for the movie.

  • -[doorbell rings] -[thunder crashes]

  • [yelps, barks]

  • Aw, that's not alien bananas. That's just the storm.

  • No answer. Perhaps Mickey didn't hear the bell.

  • -[thunder crash] -[screams]

  • -Yikes! -[whimpers]

  • Heh-heh. Maybe watching an alien monster movie

  • on a stormy night wasn't such a good idea.

  • Oh!

  • [exclaiming]

  • Somethin' knocked over our lamp!

  • -[howling] -Oh! What's that?

  • At least this peel gives me some cover.

  • Oh, Mickey!

  • Pluto, did you hear something?

  • It's... a Banana from Outer Space!

  • -[munching] -[Mickey] The alien is eating our popcorn!

  • -[Wormy belches] -[screams]

  • -[howls] -[screams]

  • -Wormy?! -You were expecting perhaps

  • an alien banana?

  • Maybe. Heh-heh. Heh-heh.

  • [thunder crashes]

  • Great movie choice for a stormy night, Wormy.

  • Happy Rainbow Puppy Town makes me feel warm all over.

  • [all screaming]

Hot dog! And popcorn, too!

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B1 heh thunder heh heh alien movie night outer space

Spooky Movie Night | Hot Diggity Dog Tales | Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures | Disney Junior

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