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  • Hi! Great to see you again dear viewer. Today well see some conversations about leaving a message for someone.

  • Do listen to them all, and also make sure that you see the vocabulary section at the end.

  • Feel free to practice the lines by pausing the lesson and repeating the dialogue anywhere you want!

  • So shall we get it started?

  • Hello?

  • Hi! Is Heather there?

  • May I know who’s speaking?

  • This is Eric Martin.

  • Heather's not here right now.

  • Do you know when shell be back?

  • She went to the store to buy some groceries. She might be back in another 20 minutes.

  • Would you like to leave a message?

  • Yes, would you please tell her Eric Martin called?

  • Sure. I'll tell her you called once she’s back.

  • OK. Thanks.

  • Hi! Can I speak to Mr. John Cain?

  • I’m sorry. He just left for a meeting. Is it something urgent?

  • Well, I just need to ask him something about the printing job he gave us. Could you take a message for him?

  • Yeah, sure!

  • Okay, just let him know that the design hasn’t arrived yet, and we can’t keep the schedule if it doesn’t reach us within 2 hours.

  • Alright, I will tell him that.

  • Hi! May I speak with Mr. Martin?

  • Mr. Martin is not at home. May I know who’s call?

  • It’s Laura Pattinson. When can I talk to him?

  • I’m not sure when hell be back. Do you want to leave a message?

  • Yes, please. Could you remind him about tomorrow’s Association party? It’s important for him to be there on time.

  • Alright. I’ll let him know.

  • Hey! Why weren’t you there at the party?

  • What party?

  • I left a message with your wife asking you to be there at the Association’s party. Didn’t you get it?

  • Ooops. She always pens down the messages for the calls I get in the day. I forgot to read yesterday’s.

  • Fantastic! You just missed one of the most important business events!

  • Never mind! Therell be many other opportunities.

  • Food, fruits or other things you eat that you can buy from a grocery store or a supermarket.

  • Pen down is to write down. Sometimes people also say jot down.

  • An association is a group of people whove come together for some common goal.

  • Opportunities are happenings or incidents which you can benefit from in some way if you take the right action.

  • Thank you for watching this lesson. Well be back with a new one tomorrow. Do come back and check it out!

  • See ya!

Hi! Great to see you again dear viewer. Today well see some conversations about leaving a message for someone.

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Leaving Messages in English - Business English and Telephone English Conversation

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