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  • It's Snack Chat, snackity chat

  • Doopa doodley doo

  • The show where you snack more than you chat

  • It's Snack Chat! ♪

  • - Hiya!

  • Me your host, Cookie Monster.

  • Before we start, me just want to make sure

  • that everyone's hands nice and clean.

  • Yeah, look me hand's clean as whistle.

  • (exhales)

  • (blows raspberry)

  • Me no can whistle.

  • Now, if you're like me you've been home eating lots

  • of snackies lately, yeah.

  • Toaster pastries, gone.

  • Fruit cup, delicious but gonesville.

  • Granola bars, they long gone-ski.

  • But don't worry 'cause me got little snackie idea

  • for our little snackie chatty.

  • Me going to show you how to make fruit smoothie.

  • But don't worry.

  • Me not changing me name to Fruit Smoothie Monster.

  • Me still Cookie Monster.

  • (moaning)

  • Okay, first be sure to have grown-up help you.

  • Now in blender, put any fruit you have.

  • Me using strawberries.

  • Add a little milk, add some ice, and blend it all together,

  • and just like that it delicious strawberry smoothie.

  • Mm, num, num, num, num.

  • Cheers.

  • Clink.

  • (gulping and moaning)

  • Ah, now that, brain freeze.

  • Me got brain freeze.

  • Me got brain freeze.

  • Yeah, here a little snack chat snacking tip.

  • Take it slow.

  • Yeah.

  • Post all your healthy and delicious snacks

  • with the hashtag, #withme.

  • Yeah.

  • Snack #withme.

  • Yeah.

  • And join me again next time

  • for another episode of Snack Chat.

  • Where me sign?

  • Where me Snack Chat sign?

  • Oh, here.

  • Snack chat

  • Snackity chat

  • Doopa doodley doo

  • - [Announcer] Caring for each other.

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  • for videos, activities, and tips for the whole family.

It's Snack Chat, snackity chat

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B2 chat snack cookie monster smoothie num num monster

Sesame Street: Make a Smoothie with Cookie Monster | Cookie Monster Snack Chat #2

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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