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  • procrastination is something that we are all guilty from, including you because you have

  • clicked on this video since you want to know whats happening inside your mind when you

  • procrastinate, hoping that by understanding the process, you might find a way to defeat

  • it.

  • It might seems like a complex process because you have been doing it for all of your life

  • and never found a way to stop it but in reality, it could not be simpler!

  • Your brain is designed in such a way that it always searches for a reward, someone likes

  • your picture, you feel good.

  • Compliments you, you couldn't feel better! thats why whenever your phone buzzes, you

  • instantly check your phone because your brain is craving for that instant gratification!

  • So let me ask you, what happens when you have in front of you a difficult task that seems

  • like its going to take a lot of time and effort and you are not even sure where to start and

  • how long its going to take and the rewards don't seem to come fast!

  • Exactly!

  • Your brain will start exaggerating it that is going to take longer than you think, thats

  • why its better to do it later, your brain will come up with every reason to delay it

  • and do something else now that will give you instant gratification such; let me just check

  • when the next marvel movies is going to come out or wha t is the price of bitcoin although

  • that you don't even own one! or whatever other useless nonsense will cross your mind!

  • So here is a simple trick that if you follow, you are guaranteed to stop procrastinating!

  • Break up the task and focus only on a simple small part of it!

  • When i feel lazy to go the gym, I stop thinking that i have to go and lift for the next 2

  • hours, I just make it clear to my mind that I am only going to exercise for 10 minutes,

  • and if I feel tired I will get back home.

  • Suddenly it gets much easier to get up and head to the gym!

  • And once I am there lifting, it gets much easier to continue for another hour or so!

  • Remember your job is to get yourself to start, the rest will be easier!

  • when you want to watch a youtube video, you don't plan to watch videos for the next 2

  • hours, you just want to watch that one video about the next iPhone, and then somehow you

  • end up watching many more!

  • Making videos is extremely difficult, especially writing a script and I always use to procrastinate!

  • But now instead of thinking that i have to write an entire script, I simply focus first

  • on coming up with the topic and nothing else, then I move to coming up with 2 or 3 ideas

  • to talk about and so on.

  • Trust me, this is the most practical way to defeat procrastination, try it out!

  • thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one!

procrastination is something that we are all guilty from, including you because you have

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