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  • Hello, my name is Charlotte. Welcome on my channel.

  • Today, I'm going to react to a video that I never saw before of an artist called Hebe Tien.

  • The reason why I chose this artist is because last time, when I reacted to a Mayday video (Cheers),

  • I asked my viewers to recommend some other artist or song to me. One that was recommended to me very strongly, is Hebe Tien.

  • I looked her up on Wikipedia and Hebe Tien is a Taiwanese singer. I think she started in a girls group called S.H.E.

  • Then, she started a solo carrier and I think it has been going very well,

  • because she became very famous in Taiwan, but also in many other countries.

  • I'm very excited to discover this Hebe Tien.

  • By the wayThe reason why I am whispering today is because it is quite late here. It's already 11pm.

  • I'm not sure if some people are already sleeping in this house so I better not speak too loud.

  • I hope you are all sitting comfortably. Let's watch this song together!

  • Oh wait, I forgot to tell you the title of the songXD

  • The title I randomly chose is: “You better not think about me”.

  • I chose it randomly because the thumbnail looked attractive to me.

  • The only thing I did was quickly check if there were English subtitles, because I really need those.

  • Luckily there were.

  • Is that the subway in Taiwan?

  • Whatever happens in the city can be devoured by the city”.

  • Was that Hebe Tien? Or is that just an actress?

  • I really like this scene. It is very beautiful.

  • I am really bad at bowling by the way. Usually, when I go with friends I end up as one of the last.

  • I'm slowly improving though.

  • The first scene was so satisfying to see. Those bowling balls rollingIt's very soothing to watch.

  • The first impression I have… I don't know if that is Hebe Tien or an actress, because she is super pretty.

  • If that is the artist, the singer, and she's that pretty, I can completely see why she is so famous.

  • Her voice is really nice to listen to. I haven't heard her sing something powerful yet, but her quiet voice is very relaxing to listen to.

  • Looks like it's a sad song.

  • Let's seal the past, for it is easier to pretend that nothing happened

  • Waw, she is really beautiful!

  • It begins” “the noisiest regrets and the calmest discomforts

  • I think that they are just quotes that relate to her feelings?

  • From what I'm understanding from these lyrics and this music video, I think this is some kind of song about a girl who broke up

  • or they split a relationship. It looks like she's sad about it. Maybe it's his fault? I'm not sure. Let's continue!

  • It is always sad to see music videos where they remember happy memories.

  • You better not think about me

  • There are many beautiful sceneries in this music video.

  • It's really nice to watch.

  • Dance more, whether we're together or not”.

  • Why does it seem like every single Taiwanese song that I randomly click on is very sad?

  • Is it just a coincidence? Or are Taiwanese songs sad in general? XD

  • Next time I should definitely try to find a more happy song.

  • I could have guessed that it would be a sad song with this title.

  • She's just recalling happy memories, and now it looks like she's feeling quite lonely.

  • That's cute!

  • She's sayingyou better not think of me”, but I'm pretty sure she's thinking the opposite.

  • Waw, she has a really beautiful voice!

  • She's playing chess with popcorn? I saw brown popcorn!

  • Wait… I'm a huge popcorn lover, I'm addicted to popcorn. But I never saw BROWN popcorn!

  • Is that a chocolate version maybe?

  • Sorry, let's go on.

  • Regret does not cure the pain”.

  • Brown popcorn

  • That was very sad.

  • Once more, why is every Taiwanese song that I see so sad? Is it just coincidence?

  • I have to say, I really like her voice.

  • It is very delicate in the more quiet moments and it's so powerful and strong when the song becomes more intense.

  • This sounds like a perfect song to me to play in a movie or series. When there's a very sad moment,

  • this song would make it even 100 times more sad.

  • One thing I really like is: sometimes, in American songs, there are so many computers helping to edit the voice in a certain way.

  • In the end, the voice sounds almost electronic or fake.

  • But here, I feel like her voice is very raw and real. That way, I can feel the emotions much more strongly.

  • That is something I like about this song.

  • It's a song that makes you sad though, so if next time you can recommend a more happy song to me, that would be awesome!

  • Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed.

  • I wonder, did you ever hear this song? Or was this also the first time for you?

  • If you watched until the end of the video, you are awesome!

  • I want to choose a password so that I can recognize who watched until the end.

  • Let's choose the password

  • Popcorn!

  • Definitely! The popcorn was something very confusing to me.

  • I am a very big popcorn lover, my favorite one is sugar or caramel popcorn, the golden one.

  • I have never ever tried chocolate popcorn. (if that's what it is)

  • If you writepopcornin the comments, I know you watched until the end and you're awesome!

  • Thank you so much for watching, see you again in the next video.

  • Don't forget to like and subscribe. Bye bye ~

  • Special thanks to Shawn Shih, Honda Wei and my other Patreon members.

  • Thank you so much for believing in me and cheering me on to make more videos.

  • Thank you!

Hello, my name is Charlotte. Welcome on my channel.

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