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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question

  • we have four words today and I'm going to cheat and look at my notes because

  • they're actually difficult. We have allusion, or connotation.

  • Illusion, something perceived incorrectly. Attention, taking notice of.

  • And intention, the intended plan. We're going to look at this today and sort of attack this with

  • syllables because this is the mistake that I have been hearing sorry I just

  • had the microphone so we have the word illusion and illusion what I'm going to

  • suggest is that for the word illusion you think of just starting the word with

  • a schwa sound ah then move into the lusion for illusion we are going to

  • think about saying the word ill like you're sick and then end with lusion so

  • the syllable breaks are going to be different and that's going to help you

  • pronounce this words we're going to say ah lusion vs. ill illusion illusion

  • illusion illusion illusion now let's move on to attention and intention same

  • idea here start with the schwa for the first word ah tension attention

  • attention attention and then the syllable break is going to

  • be with that n at the end for the next word in tension in tension intention

  • intention so we have illusion attention illusion intention illusion illusion

  • attention intention so again thank Silla will break and just starting with the

  • schwa sound for these first two words and then ending syllable number one with

  • the consonant sound here make sure you touch your teeth for that l sound

  • ill and touch your teeth for that in in and that's going to help make those

  • words very different so let's give this a try one more time

  • illusion illusion attention intention I don't have a sentence for you but I

  • would love to hear your suggestions leave those in the comment section below

  • I hope you found this helpful if you did please give us a like and share us with

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  • iTunes and we will see you again next week thanks so much

hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question

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