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  • Ashley Madison is a website that advertisers life is short.

  • Have an affair.

  • Recently it was hacked, exposing 37 million adulterous email addresses to the world.

  • The saddest user name.

  • Who's Your daddy?

  • 69.

  • The saddest password Love hurts.

  • Only three ZIP codes in the entire United States had no Ashley Madison accounts.

  • So did everyone get the affair of their dreams?

  • While the hack revealed that an overwhelming 86% of users were male 31 million men to 5.5 million women.

  • But Gizmodo discovered that 70,000 of those women were actually fake accounts created and operated by Ashley Madison.

  • They sent 20 million messages to men and engaged 11 million mail users in chance because if men thought they were getting somewhere with a woman, they'd keep paying.

  • Thio use the site where the cheating women If they're not on Ashley Madison, maybe tinder.

  • 30% of users are married on DNA.

  • Nearly 40% of them are female.

  • But back to the hack, thoughtfully looking after user privacy, Ashley Madison offered a full account deletion service for only $19.

  • In 2014 alone, Ashley Madison netted 1.7 million in revenue from this full delete promise.

  • But a total of 185,946 email addresses found in the hack were listed as paid delete.

  • So, uh, they were still on Ashley medicine servers and didn't really get deleted.

  • People are pissed on feeling exposed.

  • The whole mess has revealed an interesting side of modern relationships.

  • Namely, that a lot of married people, aren't you?

  • Satisfied as they seem yet among millennials, 88% of women and 77% of men think that flirting online is cheating on.

  • Done.

  • Surprisingly, a third of divorces in recent years.

  • Name online.

  • Cheating is a culprit.

  • So it's not like people are okay with it, even if they are doing it all the time.

  • So, what do you think?

  • Is it cheating to sign up for Ashley Madison?

  • Even if you never actually meet up with someone on, def.

  • You were one of the unlucky uses exposed in the hack.

  • Well, maybe next time, don't use your actual email address.

Ashley Madison is a website that advertisers life is short.

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不倫サイト「アシュレイ・マディソン」の個人情報はなぜ漏れた?| Data Attack |

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/08
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