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  • slow brain.

  • Hello, Snoopy.

  • We're going to be late.

  • What?

  • Are we going to be late too?

  • Oh, thes the brave Beagle Scout waking his troops.

  • Wake up, Beagle Scout way!

  • Can't be late today.

  • Scalp.

  • We're going to a wedding on Snoopy is the best beagle.

  • Well, snooping Looks like we'll make it with time to spare.

  • Wait a moment.

  • Where's Woodstock?

  • Woodstock, Woodstock, Woodstock!

  • What are you doing on the roof?

  • Sunbathing way?

  • Don't have time for a tan way stopping now.

  • Oh, the best beagle has to work on his best beagle speech.

  • Wait, that won't work.

  • Wait!

  • What's that?

  • Snoopy?

  • Snoopy Woodstock!

  • Sleeping without you friends.

  • Snoopy run Way Made it just in time to hear I do.

  • Have you brought a wedding gift?

  • Mhm e don't know.

  • Have we brought a wedding gift?

  • And that way yes, we have on to celebrate your union, we present a very special wedding pizza.

  • What a wonderful wedding!

  • Snoopy looks like our Beagle Scout troop.

  • But taking photos today though I think you're supposed to take photographs of the wildlife, not of each other.

  • All right.

  • Shall we get going then?

  • I'm excited to see what you all come up with?

  • How can you take a good photo of that tree?

  • Have you tried using a tripod?

  • I suppose that's one way of doing it with stock.

  • Thes flowers smell beautiful.

  • Yes, I know.

  • You can't smell a photograph.

  • Oh, I think someone has a question.

  • You want me to walk?

  • I don't think the B is going to move.

  • No, not even if you ask it really nicely.

  • Time to head out troops.

  • Snoopy's looking forward to reviewing your photographs.

  • Okay, Let us look at these photographs, then.

  • Troop Vera Blank.

  • What do you mean?

  • I think I think yes, of course.

  • She was supposed to turn them on.

  • Oh, dear.

slow brain.

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