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  • Mhm.

  • Yeah, All right.

  • Thank you.

  • Okay on.

  • And it was at that very moment that orange realized he'd been eating a dirty gym sock the entire time.

  • Would you be here?

  • Someone telling a creepypasta Now, that was just telling an actual story about me.

  • Yeah, eso you actually eat dirty gym sock like the entire thing?

  • Are you surprised?

  • That's not even that crazy for orange.

  • Yeah.

  • Earlier today he farted the ABC.

  • So enough.

  • Listen, I got a creepypasta in progress on I went all the effort of doing my creepy entrance routine.

  • I'm on a roll.

  • We're just going to go with it.

  • Okay?

  • Now who among you is brave enough to hear my news?

  • Creepypasta a funky Paul.

  • Is this anything like the famous short story?

  • The monkeys, pa know that story isn't funky whatsoever.

  • Gotcha.

  • Now then, the funky Paul is a story about a young rape through.

  • Here we go.

  • Yes, it is indeed coincidental that you are a great fruit and the story involves a great fruit.

  • Do not interrupt me again Now then onto my creepy monster, which is, as always, to die For once upon a time, there was a young grief fruit who cared very, very much about the way he smelled.

  • What is happening right now?

  • I realize it's coincidental, not stop interrupting for someone without a nose.

  • The grapefruit sense of smell was quite refined one day while shopping for rare sense in the shop he had never visited before.

  • He was offered a horrible smelling, funky poor for purchase.

  • The purveyor of the shop told him the poor would grant him three wishes, but there was a catch.

  • All of his wishes would be granted in a rather funky fashion.

  • The grapefruit purchased the Paul exited the shop, and when he looked back at the shop, had vanished into a cloud of greenish gas.

  • Nevertheless, the grapefruit rushed straight home with the poor and wished for a pile of money.

  • It instantly appeared young Grapefruit was overjoyed to find the poor worked.

  • However, the pile of cash smelled rather funky, so funky, in fact, that no one would accept it.

  • His payment, no matter how much the great food offered to pay no one wanted his stinky money on DSO the Great, but was left with a smelly pile of cash.

  • There was utterly worthless.

  • The grapefruit decided to make his second wish that the woman of his dreams would fall madly in love with him again.

  • The wish came true immediately.

  • She loved him dearly and could not be convinced otherwise.

  • No matter what you see, the grapefruit absolutely reeked the stench of his money and permeated everything in the surrounding area, including the grapefruit himself.

  • No matter how many times he bade, they'll try to hide it with his ridiculous collection of body sprays.

  • The grapefruit stank to high heaven, but his love was not deterred and remained entranced by him, even though she vomited whenever he came near.

  • Eventually, the great food was at the end of his room.

  • He was penniless.

  • He smelled awful on the love of his life.

  • Was vomiting part too frequently for his life.

  • I wish for the smell to go away, thought to himself before he realized he still had one wish remaining, why he could simply wish the smell away.

  • And so the grapefruit took up the poor and began uttering his wish allowed, saying I wish for the smell.

  • But then, in the middle of his sentence, he got away with himself on vomited uncontrollably unfortunately.

  • But here the Paul heard his request.

  • He had wished for the smell and that's precisely what he got from that day forward, the funkiest and spread across the land, causing everyone who smelled it.

  • Tow bar loudly and comedically.

  • This'll man was so that some people even bark themselves to death on the stench of their decaying bodies.

  • Somehow made the stench even worse.

  • Everyone knew it was the grapefruit who had brought the funky curse upon them.

  • But they did not seek retribution to kill the great.

  • It would be too kind.

  • True punishment was to allow him to live alongside his vomit ami.

  • True love on his funky smelling cash every day for the rest of his natural life.

  • The end.

  • Yeah.

  • Now that's a creepypasta that pass the sniff test.

  • Um, guys, where's grapefruit?

  • I believe you want to change the radiator hose on this riding lawnmower.

  • Have yes, checks out.

  • I believe it.

  • Man, that was a really good creepypasta.

  • The way you described to smell, I could practically smell it.

  • Actually, that wasn't the story.

  • It was May Oh, Ranjha e can't help it.


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Annoying Orange - Creepy Pasta: The FUNKY Paw! #Shocktober

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