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  • Friends, brothers, men of Gotham.

  • I have funded you. I've protected you.

  • I've scratched your backs and kept you outta jail.

  • Well, now it's time to say thank you.

  • Go show those little bitches

  • you don't mess with Roman Sionis.

  • Half a mil to whoever brings me the girl alive.

  • The rest you can kill.

  • Dope.

  • Oh, no, no, no. Not that one.

  • Sentimental value. Try this.

  • You're kidding.

  • What? Gotta take care of the girls.

  • Isn't this fun? It's just like a sleepover.

  • We should order pizza. Make cosmos.

  • -Harley, focus. Yeah. -Okay.

  • Hey, nice. What the hell is up

  • with this bow and arrow shtick?

  • It's not a fucking bow and arrow.

  • It's a crossbow. I'm not 12.

  • I love this chick. She's got rage issues.

  • I don't have rage issues.

  • You know, psychologically speaking,

  • vengeance rarely brings the catharsis we hope for.

  • Yeah.

  • Are we ready? Bad guys, just outside.

  • -Shit. Get down.

  • Down here!

  • Cass!

  • -Follow me! - Go, go, go, go!

  • -Go!

  • Holy shit!

  • What?

  • You are so cool.

  • Okay. This way.

Friends, brothers, men of Gotham.

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