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  • Even though Lucius had become king, he was still missing what he desired the most: the respect of his people.

  • He decided to visit the sage on the mountain in hopes that he may gain some advice.

  • Lucius kneeled in front of the sage and spoke: "Wise sage, my people don't respect me.

  • I am the son of kings, I've read all of the books in my kingdom, and I've defeated many enemies in battle, and still, they don't respect me.

  • Why don't they see my greatness?”

  • The sage silently continued to read his book.

  • Lucius tried once more.

  • Wise sage, please, I know you can help me.

  • The sage continued to read.

  • Lucius got up.

  • How dare you ignore me?

  • I could have your head on a spike and use it for decoration on my kingdom walls, you foolish old man.

  • The sage continued reading.

  • What you seek cannot be found here.

  • Where can it be found then?

  • Speak up.

  • The sage held up three fingers while continuing to read.

  • At the base of Mt. Misgivings, you will find three caves.

  • Three? which one do I enter?”

  • The sage finished the sentence he was reading and then looked up into Lucius' eyes.

  • The one you fear the most.

  • Fear?

  • Do you know who I am?

  • I don't fear anything old man.

  • Lucius walked out and headed towards the base of Mt. Misgivings.

  • Lucius approached the three caves and took a look at the first one.

  • The severed arm laying outside of it made him shiver.

  • He looked at the second cave.

  • Blood spilled out of it, and the handprints left behind made it seem as if someone had almost escaped before being dragged back inside.

  • He swallowed hard.

  • Lucius looked at the third cave and could see nothing.

  • It was a black hole.

  • This one scared him the most because he didn't know what to expect.

  • The clues left in front of the other caves showed that there was some possibility of escape, but the third cave held no signs whatsoever.

  • After a long pause, he entered the cave and began his descent.

  • Lucius stumbled down the cave for hours before getting trapped inside a cavern.

  • Inside, he met a spirit that asked him why he had come.

  • The Sage sent me, spirit.

  • He told me that I could gain wisdom from you, that you could teach me how to get my people to respect me.

  • The spirit told him that wisdom required a sacrifice.

  • What must I sacrifice, spirit?

  • The spirit paused before responding.

  • What you value the most?

  • My kingdom?

  • No, there is something you value more.

  • Take that dagger, cut out your eyes, and throw them into my flames.

  • Lucius hesitated but saw no other way out of the cavern.

  • He cut out his eyes and threw them into the flames.

  • I've given you what you want.

  • Now, give me what I want.

  • But the spirit just vanished.

  • As days went by, the blind king had not had anything to drink.

  • He felt lonely, missed his people, and wondered if they missed him.

  • Had he done anything to deserve that honor?

  • "I'm no king," he said to himself, "what is a king without his people? I deserve to die here.”

  • Suddenly, the cavern flooded with water up to Lucius' knees.

  • He took a sip and was thrown into a divine ecstacy as he inherited the wisdom of the gods.

  • The cavern opened up, and Lucius began his ascent back to the kingdom.

  • Lucius called the entire kingdom to a meeting.

  • He listened to the problems of all of his people and saw the kingdom from their perspectives.

  • And although he was blind, he realized that he had never seen the kingdom so clearly before.

  • He used his new found wisdom to help his people, and in doing so, he became the most beloved and respected king in history.

Even though Lucius had become king, he was still missing what he desired the most: the respect of his people.

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The Fable of The Wise King

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