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  • hey everybody Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question

  • today's question is how do I pronounce the word preliminary which means actions

  • or events before or in preparation of an event so it's something you do before to

  • get ready for something and so let's go ahead and take a look at this word the

  • word again is preliminary so many letters that already causes people

  • anxiety I know let's break this down into the syllables or beats of the word

  • we have preliminary preliminary let's look at each beat in the word we're

  • gonna start with what the mistake that I hear on this syllable is that people say

  • Pa-rah and they actually add another beat because you're adding a sound

  • between the P and the r there's no vowel sound there so you're going to put your

  • lips together and be ready for that our sound and as you open your lips from the

  • P say that R sound PR PR PR and this is a schwa sound that's a short uh sound

  • next we have the loudest longest and highest pitch syllable our stressed

  • syllable the stressed beat in the word Lim Lim so you're going to take your

  • tongue from the back of your top front teeth the tip of your tongue pull it

  • down into the middle of your mouth for that short i and then close your lips

  • for the M Lim Pra-Lim Pra-Lim next we're gonna add the schwa syllable nice

  • and short you know the drill open your mouth relaxed mouth really quick not

  • super loud uh prablima prablima move to nair start by touching

  • the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth air moves out of

  • your nose and then add that air vowel by opening your mouth wide and then moving

  • to that er sound do not touch your teeth that R and do not let your tongue move

  • for the R nice and long and strong nair prablima nair prablimanair and

  • end with the long e by smiling because you're so happy we are finished with

  • this word let's put it all together Pra limma

  • preliminair preliminary preliminary preliminary preliminary and let me cheat

  • again and look at my sentence some of you have complained about my sentences

  • not being very good lately so I'm trying to be better here we go

  • the event required extensive preliminary planning the event required extensive

  • preliminary planning give it a try I know people are going to notice the

  • difference if you found this helpful we'd love a like and a share and a

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  • comment section below check out our products on Google Play and iTunes and I

  • hope to see you all again next week take care everybody

hey everybody Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question

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