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  • The refrigerator.

  • Is it just a cold box for your food stuffs?

  • Or is it more?

  • Can we learn something about people by looking

  • into their private polar repository?

  • I think yes.

  • What do we have here?

  • Last night's leftover chicken casserole,

  • meat in loaf fashion,

  • broccoli and brussels sprouts,

  • and a little Riesling to take the edge off.

  • Any guesses?

  • You're looking at the fridge of a mom.

  • But we are just getting started.

  • Hmmmm.

  • Here we see various colors and levels

  • of sport drink,

  • remnants of Orange Chicken,

  • five different hot sauces,

  • and a mysterious tupperware of brown.

  • As you might have ascertained,

  • this is the refrigerator of any male living

  • by himself, ages 18-32.

  • Pitiful, really.

  • Hopefully he meets someone soon.

  • Okay, I see a carton of eggs with six missing,

  • one peanut butter cup,

  • a half eaten carrot cake,

  • three cans of soda pop

  • and half a slice of pizza.

  • This is the fridge of a pessimist.

  • Or an optimist.

  • Could go either way, really.

  • Whoa nelly.

  • Here we see magazine cutouts,

  • pictures of a man taken from afar,

  • a homemade doll of Don Cheadle,

  • roasted red pepper hummus,

  • and a severed human arm.

  • Why, yes, we are looking into

  • the refrigerator of a serial killer.

  • He really should put that arm in the freezer.

  • Oh my, look what we have here!

  • A grand feast!

  • Ripe fruit, steamy, plump turkey legs,

  • wheels of cheese,

  • brightly colored neon frosting pies!

  • What's that?

  • You don't see it?

  • Well, you're just not believing.

  • There you go, you're believing!

  • Don't stop believing!

  • Yes, there...

  • is the refrigerator of the Lost Boys

  • from the film Hook. Mmm! Bangerang!

  • Oh my goodness! Look at this.

  • Is that...pudding?

  • Why, yes, it's pudding.

  • Lots and lots of nothing but pudding.

  • Whose refrigerator is this?

  • This is my refrigerator.

  • I'm the narrator and I love pudding.

  • I'm also your biological father.

  • Please call me at this number to reconnect 203-446-5839

  • Your mother was insane.

  • She fell in love with that monkey

  • that the Russians sent up into space.

  • I was working the mines, titanium ore.

  • I'd sneak you in each morning in a satchel,

  • and then put you into a bin of Titaniam ore

  • on the way out each evening.

  • If you have asthma, this is probably why.

  • But you probably also like butterscotch pudding.

  • I've got a lot of that.

  • So I apologize for putting you up for adoption.

  • But I would like to reconnect and enjoy

  • pudding with you in the present.

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The refrigerator.

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What Your Fridge Says About You

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