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These are my top sweet spots in Harajuku!
So I'm back in Harajuku, I've actually done a sweets video a long long time ago
But I haven't done one recently and a lot has changed in this area
So I wanted to take you around in this video and show you all of my new sweet spots
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the Tokyo merch if you guys want to see what I'm doing on the daily check out my Instagram account
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All right, let's do this!
Oh Harajuku. It used to be the capital of kawaii fashion and crepes but times are a-changing and this is the new
Harajuku, a popular destination area for the trendiest sweet shops from all over Japan
and even the world. So pack your toothbrushes for this one, because we're going deep into the streets of
Harajuku and you just might get a cavity
Hey Wolfy
So today is take your son to work day!
This actually won't be his first time going out with me
But it's not too much of an extension because we take this walk every morning so he's kind of used to it
The only thing a little bit different is we're going to be eating today!
I usually eat all of this in one day, but I don't know if we'll be able to actually handle that
So yeah, we'll just see how it goes! So when you first come to Harajuku
Many people head up to Takeshitadori, but as a local I prefer to hit up cat street as it has more of a chill street vibe
So let's start here. Quick tip, closest station is meiji jingu maya station
Alright, let's start with the Harajuku basics, big fluffy puffy pancakes!
Number one. Mikasa deco in cafe hidden in the backside of castrate this spot attracts Patreons of all ages for its clumpy jiggly pancakes.
Usually it has a long line outside, especially on the weekends
But you know how it is these days. So I ordered their signature Ricotta cheese infused pancakes
It comes with three fluffy style pancakes piled up with classic toppings butter whipped cream and a flavorful maple syrup
Look at these nice fluffy three layered pancakes. Oh, let me just
Take some of this
Dip it in look at that
That's like biting into a cloud it's amazing
So what sets this pancake apart is not only is it fluffy?
But it's actually made with Ricottata cheese inside. So it has kind of like a nice cheesy
Pancake flavor you can see the Ricotta cheese
Right there
That's a very strong maple syrup makes it super sweet but the pancake itself just nice and fluffy
But it has kind of like a nice density to it as well because of the Ricotta cheese. I also ordered a puffin
It's a perfect mix of fluffy pancakes and muffin tasting texture-wise. I would say it's most like a fluffy pancake shaped into a muffin
Would want a muffin when you can get a puffin you can see that it's a fluffier than a normal
Muffin and look at that. I just dolloped everything there dripping
What an explosion of flavors in my mouth?
So I had to get Wolfie out. It looks like he's just as hungry as me right now
I really enjoy that nice sourness of the raspberry
Then you have the cream on top of it and some of this powdered sugar
Number two Snowy Village. Snowy Village is a Korean style shaved ice shop that uses fresh rich milk and tops their treats with an
Overwhelming portion of fresh fruits and sides cookie so cute
So I ordered their luscious fresh mango shaved ice on top
There's whipped cream and an absurd amount of fresh mangoes and a mango sauce poured over it
Look at this mountain of joy
It is literally as big as my head look at that. You have the mangoes and then there you have the shaved ice.
And these pieces of mangoes are nice that you have almost like some mango syrup on it as well I just love how
Flaky the ice is you just get it so nice and fine almost looks like little pieces of shaved coconut just melts
In your mouth you can taste a little bit like sweetened milk in the ice as well. Just below it. You have some more mango
Number three. Mizuho just a few minutes from Mikasa Deco and cafe
this Japanese confectionery shop specializes in mame daifu
In fact, it's been crowned by locals as part of the Tokyo big three for mommy daifu
Alright, we got it
Look at that right there, look at all of that powder coming off my fingers. Oh!
Powder all over my lips. The mochi itself is just so soft and the anko inside is just super silky
It has the sweetness to it
but it also has kind of like a saltiness at the same time kind of like a blend of
different like flavors a very well put together sweet you can see it has the mochi outer shell you can see inside that has a
Cochin has these little beans that are inside of the mochi
Skin itself. This is a pure like old school traditional Japanese sweets
So if you don't have a flavor for Japanese sweets, then it might be a little bit too
How do you say elegant or too old school for you?
It's not like sweet sugary junky kind of taste but it's kind of like a nice refined elegant taste
Number four milk, milk, milk. So this spot in Harajuku has some of the freshest Hokkaido milk around. Let me show you
Milk, milk, milk not to be confused with closets closets closets just opened up in La Fore on the second floor this last July it offers
milk sweets using 100%
real deal, Hokkaido
Rich milk which has a high rate of milk bath the shop regularly collaborates with characters and when I visited this time
They were doing a sanyo my melody collaboration
So I got the strawberry pudding which is a soft milk pudding topped with strawberry sauce. I love this place
You have a milk a straight from Hokkaido too that I've mixed it around a little bit already
That milk tastes so fresh and if you really want you can get a soft cream on top of this but I
Just wanted to get this nice milky pudding
Oh that freshness is unbelievable this one because it is like a milk pudding
It's more kind of like drippity drippity dew but it just makes it all so much better. In fact, it's so good
You can just like drink it straight which we can do
Wow, that is fabulous before I continue
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Number five Matcha house just across the street from the newly renovated JR
Harajuku station located in the with harajuku building on the third floor
You can find one of my favorite cafes Matcha house a Matcha specialty cafe shop
Originally from Kyoto Matcha's house. Number one menu is without a doubt their Uji Matcha Tiramisu
they use Matcha from Morihan a tea maker with more than
180 years of history. So a lot of you guys might already know that we featured at this spot in my Kyoto video
But since we're doing a whole new Harajuku video and they're finally here in Tokyo. I wanted to show you this spot
So this is the Matcha tiramisu that you saw in my Kyoto video and it's just so delicious
You can see the green tea at the top of it and then it has the mascarpone
And then you can see the sponge cake right there
That is heaven and the sponge cake itself, it's like soaking up all of the Matcha flavor
And so you get kind of like this moist almost delicate kind of dessert and then the Matcha itself has a nice bitterness
But it's not too strong
In fact, I can almost see myself in like a full bath of this tiramisu and just dunking my entire body
Not to put pictures inside of your head
What's kind of cool is that if you eat more of the sponge cake
You get kind of more of the Matcha flavor taste to it
And then if you stick to the mascarpone the white stuff, then you have a heavier thicker creamy dessert. It's kind of cool
How you can kind of like balance what kind of flavors you want look at?
that you can see the
Hojicha all in there. You have the ice cream right? there. It even has some kuromitsu in there, which is like a brown sugar
Ah that Hojicha is good. For those of you that don't know Hojichae is still a green tea unlike a green tea
It's not that bitter but it almost has like a burnt flavor kind of like goes through your senses and your nose
you can see the
Kuromitsu right there
Wow, it tastes a little bit less than like a very like strong cow milk
But it's just so super silky and goes really really well together
So, how are you doing Wolfie feeling good? Yeah, let's go to another spot
Number six coconut glands. This next one is a Vegan ice cream shop originally from maui. Hawaii
They serve organic dairy-free vegan ice cream. Oh, what did I just say Vegan? Don't worry. Their coldy colds are no joke
So in this video I couldn't leave out all of my Vegan fans. I know you guys are always asking for me to show
One of the food spots. So this is dedicated to you guys
So we have original Pistachio and passion fruit. I believe this is the Pistachio here
It's a nice Pistachio you can like taste all that like the nuttiness in there
You can see like how natural that is the different pieces of the Pistachio the greens the browns
It's original right there, and it looks like it even has a coconut slices
They have a lot of it chunks in here nice slices just to feel like you're eating a full coconut
This one is the passion fruit
Really fruity has a nice tardy slang to it so good. I can't believe it's Vegan
Number seven Dot Com Space if you're looking for a quiet cafe chill spot. You don't have to look any further
Just two minutes North of JR. Harajuku station, but it's hidden in the back streets. So don't get lost
Feel free to download the map in this video to help you along
The store uses a coffee tech called it drip drop by bubble lab. It kind of sounds like a rap song to me though
Barresas carefully choose coffee beans from selected roasters like foodland coffee roasters and pillow coffee
So we needed to take a quick coffee break and show you this spot
Well, Maiko is having a nice latte and in fact I'm having a Tokyo IPA but
since we are doing a sweets video, I wanted to mention this little deal it is a
Big walnut toast you have the walnuts right there on top. You have the figs here
and then it has some whipped cream right there and
It has like a syrup here and it's almost like a caramel but almost tastes like it has a rum in it
That's nice and I just love how fresh this fig is
Far east brewing company. Thank you for this break
What's also cool is that you know?
really nice places like this
Usually tend to get really really like crowded and there's a lot of people but in fact, we're here on a Saturday
It's not too crowded. So it's kind of like a little hideaway from like the busy busy crowds
I don't know if it's a beer or the rum in here, but I'm feeling happy right now. Let's move on to the next place
And number eight gomia cookie this next spot is famous for their sesame ice cream
They use up to 9,000 sesame seeds for one scoop and they also have this really really interesting
Tempura ice cream. Let's go inside and let me show you
This shop offers the richest sesame ice cream in the world. Well, at least that's what they say
the shop is produced by cookie sangio, which is a well-known sesame products company in mia with
131 years of history
So check it out, I got the sesame and Matcha parfait. I got two different flavors of sesame
I got white and black and this is actually the salty version of the sesame. They actually have six different flavors
Let's first taste this sesame. Oh, it's already dripping
Whoa, that's like a very refined taste definitely taste the sesame but it has that interesting saltiness to it a little bit rich
But it's really really smooth
Hmm, right here you have like the brown stuff
you have some Azuki and then you have some like Matcha pudding right there and there's just
So much different flavors. This has like everything you want in the dessert
You can see the water mochi right there on the other side of it. You have some whipped cream
Hmm, like a little jello bomb. There's so many little presents in here and then you get the Azuki bean. Look at that
I'm just loving life right now. I also got an ice cream tempura with black sesame ice cream inside
This is actually ice cream fried in tempura. Where else can you get that in this world?
I think it's kind of like hot to the touch like french fries, but it's cold a little
Snowball, let me just dig deep into this one
Look at that black sesame in there. It almost looks like a mud pie. That's amazing
Wow! What a combination but you definitely get that sesame goodness in there
Nice ice cream a cold flavor to your mouth, but then you get this tempura that just covered
It's more of like a donut texture that's surrounded so it's like if you imagine having a donut with some ice cream inside
It's probably more like that. I can literally eat this all day
All right
So that concludes the video if you guys liked it help me out
And hit that like button
If you have any questions leave it in the comment section below
And if you want to see more Japan guides or anything related to Japan
Hit that subscribe button and the button(translators note hit that subscribe button and the button?) and I'll catch you guys in the next one
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Tokyo Street Food | Best Harajuku Sweets Guide

10 Folder Collection
Summer published on September 16, 2020
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