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  • If you want to add a historical twist to your Halloween celebrations,

  • try carving a turnip instead of a pumpkin.

  • Carving a turnip into a lantern to ward off evil spirits has been an established tradition for hundreds of years,

  • long before pumpkin carving became popular.

  • The tradition is thought to be rooted in an Irish folk tale about a man named Jack who made a deal with the devil to protect his soul.

  • When he died, his soul had no resting place so he was cursed to wander the Earth for eternity.

  • To light his way, he had only a lantern, made from a hollowed-out turnip, lit by a glowing core.

  • For your Halloween turnip you will need,

  • a sharp knife,

  • a turnip,

  • a spoon,

  • a craft knife,

  • a chopping board,

  • a pencil,

  • a tea light or candle

  • and matches.

  • Before cutting into your turnip decide which side you are going to use as its face.

  • Are there any blemishes or lumps and bumps that will make the face of your lantern extra creepy?

  • Now you need to cut a small amount off the base. This will provide a steady surface while you work.

  • Next you need to cut the top off the turnip, this will be used later to form a lid so you want it to be quite wide.

  • Make sure you don't cut too low as you need the body to have enough height to carve the face.

  • Set the lid to one side.

  • Use the knife to score around the inside edge and loosen the inside of the turnip.

  • Use a spoon to hollow out the inside of the turnip until a wall only half a centimetre thick remains.

  • Turnips are tougher than pumpkins so it may take a bit more work.

  • It's time to turn your attention to the face.

  • Draw your eyes, nose, and mouth on the front using a pencil.

  • Then carefully use a craft knife to carve out the lines of the face.

  • Place your small tea light inside the turnip and light it.

  • Never leave lit candles unattended.

  • You may wish to use an led light instead.

  • Now put the lid back on.

If you want to add a historical twist to your Halloween celebrations,

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How To Carve A Halloween Turnip

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