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*fun Indian beat*
What the heck?... It's silver.
Is this supposed to have foil on it?
Seriously. Am I supposed to eat that?
You have to tell me if I can't eat it.
It's almost like the inside of a nutter butter but better than a nutter butter.
So nutty.
It tastes like it needs to be cooked.
It tastes like raw cookie dough.
This is fancy.
Like something you'd see at a really fancy tea party at the turn of the last century.
I wish more American desserts were sparkly.
I would like to make jewelry out it though.
India, I'm into your desserts.
*fun Indian beat*
It's kulfi time!
Do not want you getting into these.
*ripping plastic*
Is this a banana?
Why is it so wiggly?
The size is a little intimidating.
Oh! That's really good.
I would totally eat this.
It tastes like a gourmet cupcake.
This is so good... Wow, where have we been?
I like this a lot.
Should I not eat the whole thing?
No, it's yours.
Oh good 'cause this is the f*cking bomb. Jesus.
*biting sound*
*fun Indian beat*
Just touch it?
Cold. Colder than I thought.
This is very confusing.
It's so cute and squishy!
It smells good.
What secrets do you hold?
Oh my God!
*squealing noise*
Why is it so wet?
*straining noise*
You can literally wring this out.
*light chuckle*
That's like a magic trick.
It's good. I like.
*fun Indian beat*
It looks like a golden potato.
It's almost overwhelming.
It's like a saturated syrup sack.
Good amount of grease.
It seems like the majority of Indian desserts are balls.
But it tastes like a really, really good donut.
It tastes almost too good.
But like your hands get so messy.
This one makes me feel a little guilty and I don't know why.
*fun Indian beat*
Oh my gosh! It's beautiful!
Oh f*ck!
Whoa! So sticky.
Sh*t just got real.
This is something like Americans would get at a carnival.
I would eat this at a fair.
And then you would immediately throw up on the first ride that you went on.
This is a lot to handle.
Goopidy goop!
This is a delight.
God bless whoever made this. Oh my gosh.
How does this exist?
*fun Indian beat*
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Americans Try Indian Desserts For The First Time

8 Folder Collection
Mahiro Kitauchi published on September 15, 2020
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