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  • If I would tell you right now that you are actually being manipulated almost every single

  • day.

  • You would think that I am dumb because there is no way that a smart, intelligent person

  • like you is manipulated without realising that.

  • I am not here undermining anyones intelligence, but thats the point of manipulation.

  • The moment you realize you are manipulated, its no longer a manipulation.

  • The problem is that, the foundation of media is based on manipulation and since we are

  • living in this advanced world of technology and social media.

  • We are all victims one way or another.

  • Let me just explain.

  • Whenever you watch the news or come across headlines when you are scrolling through your

  • newsfeed.

  • The news are always negative and dramatic as if we are living in the worst period of

  • human history.

  • The economy is about to collapse, the immigrants are talking over our jobs or the neighbouring

  • country is about to attack us.

  • And that really gives you the impression that the world is heading in the wrong direction.

  • But the truth is that, the world has never been better or safer as its today.

  • In the last 100 years, humanity has progressed so much that billions of people have been

  • lifted our of poverty, life expectancy has grown all around the world and violence has been reduced significantly.

  • In fact, This is how fast the economy has been growing.

  • Most of the growth has happened in the last few decades.

  • Over half of the world's population has been living in extreme poverty 60 years ago for example, and now that number is below 10 percent.

  • But thats not the impression you are given when you watch the news.

  • The problem is that, in 19th century.

  • People in advertising and journalism realised that if they framed their stories and appealed

  • with FEAR, they could grab much more attentions.

  • Because the emotion of FEAR is so powerful that we find it difficult to control.

  • So they started shifting our attention from latest crime, financial crisis to the next

  • scandal.

  • Go to any news websites and you will find that 90 percent of their headlines are targeted

  • on your emotions of fear.

  • For example, these experts have been claiming that dollar is going to collapse in the next

  • few years.

  • Or the financial crisis that will happen next year is completely going to destroy US economy.

  • But that next year never seem to happen.

  • Of course these experts have a point to certain expend but the way its framed is absolutely

  • misleading just to grab your attention.

  • Or let's take an example of Trump.

  • Whether you like him or not.

  • He constantly uses this strategy to grab attention of the public.

  • After all, he has been on television for decades and thats how he got famous in the first place.

  • The only thing that we all remember from his presidential campaign is that he wanted to

  • build a wall to stop all of immigrants from taking over our jobs, which never happened.

  • In fact, he constantly talks about how the entire world wants to rip off US and take

  • advantage of it, especially this particular country (Chine).

  • Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to put him down if you are a trump supporter.

  • Thats how the media and politics has always been working.

  • The point of this video is to tell you that.

  • Don't be driven by fear because there will always be someone who will take advantage

  • of it and you will always be mislead.

  • Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this video, thanks for watching, and I will catch you

  • in the next one.

If I would tell you right now that you are actually being manipulated almost every single

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How To Use Fear To Manipulate People

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