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  • everyone this is Jennifer with Tarle speech with your pronunciation question

  • today's question is how do I say three words beacon which means a signal bacon

  • a breakfast meat and pecan or pecan a nut so let's go ahead and jump right in

  • we're gonna focus a little bit more on syllables today we have two beats and

  • each of these words and the word stress is going to be on syllable 1 meaning

  • that syllable 1 in all of these words is going to be a little bit louder a little

  • bit higher in pitch and the vowel is going to be a little bit longer so for

  • all three words we're gonna start by putting your lips together and then

  • opening them up for the b sound for the B sound your voice box is on and

  • vibrating but the difference with the b and the p is that for the P sound your

  • voice box is not on and it is not vibrating and that sound is softer its

  • voiceless unvoiced and we have P so let's listen to those two again b p b p now

  • let's add the vowel forward number one and word number three here we're going

  • to add an E and to say that sound we're going to smile have tense lips the tongue

  • is going to be high and flat and you're going to make that vowel nice and long B

  • and P B P now for bacon what we're going to do is we are going to open it up wide

  • a in a wide circle and then move to the smile for the e bay bay

  • so we have B BAY and P now for syllable number two in the first two

  • words we're going to say a short uh sound that's going to be unstressed and

  • you're going to have a relaxed mouth so we're gonna say B cun bay cun some

  • people may say I hear kind of an I sound more than a u whatever as long as it

  • is short that is the key here we want a short and relaxed sound so to say the

  • second part of both of these words we're going to start with that K sound that

  • I'm spelling here with a C and to do that the back of the tongue is pulled up

  • and the tip of the tongue is pointed down towards the bottom of the mouth k k

  • then we're going to relax the mouth for this short uh and then end with the n

  • the air is going to move out of your nose while the tip of your tongue is

  • behind your top front teeth and it is touching that cun so we have beacon

  • beacon beacon and bacon bacon bacon now for pecan because what I say you can

  • also say pecan it really depends on the area of the US and where you're living

  • so you can either say con with an oval mouth or can with a circle mouth both

  • cases we're going to have a wide-open mouth

  • so let's put that last word together pecan or pecan pecan pecan let's try

  • them all beacon beacon beacon bacon bacon bacon pecan pecan pecan or pecan pecan

  • pecan and let's try it in a sentence The Beacon cafe sells delicious bacon

  • pecan donuts I don't know that's a thing but that's my

  • sentence so give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference have

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  • we'd love to hear from you leave them in the comment section below thank you

  • everyone and I hope to see you again next week bye

everyone this is Jennifer with Tarle speech with your pronunciation question

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