B2 High-Intermediate 40 Folder Collection
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(Orange screaming)
- The toilet is clogged! Run!
- Orange, calm down.
A clogged toilet isn't that big of a deal.
- But-but- - Seriously, we can handle it.
- But-but-but- - Orange, relax.
You're in luck 'cause today I'm showing everyone
How 2 Unclog A Toilet!
- Well, okay then.
Whatever you say, Pear.
I'm ready to take the plunge. (Orange laughs)
- Grr, gimme that!
- Aww, come one, can you blame me?
Finally, it's a chance for some toilet humor around here.
(Orange laughs) - Argh.
Step one is to try and prevent the clog in the first place.
That means be careful with what you flush down there,
toys, trash-
- Sticks of TNT.
- Uh, weirdly specific, but yes.
Great example of something not to flush down a toilet.
- That's like I always say, "if you flush TNT
down the the toilet, urine trouble." (Orange laughs)
- Yeah, delightful.
Now, if you fail to prevent a clog,
it's on to step two.
- Plunger time!
- That's right.
Place the end of the plunger into the toilet.
Form an airtight seal in order to-
- Let me at that thing!
Where you at, clog? Huh?
- Orange?
Orange, you're using the wrong end.
- Show yourself, clog, ooh-hah.
Who turned out the lights? (Orange laughs)
- Uh, look, I didn't come
into the Toilet Unclogging episode with high expectations,
but somehow we've managed to fall short of that.
- Hey, Pear, look.
I'm Poo-nocchio. (Orange laughs)
- Gross.
Anyway, if the plunger proves too difficult,
it's time for step three.
Call the plumber.
- Step aside.
Professional at work, people.
- Wow, can I just say I love
that you're a plumber who's a plum?
- Why do you love that?
- I dunno, 'cause it's funny?
- Oh, it's funny that I have to get called in here
and recover whatever blasted thing
you got stuck in these pipes?
- Hey, hey buddy, just take it easy.
- It's okay, Pear. He's right.
I did get a blasted thing stuck in these pipes.
- Yo, what the-?
(all scream) (explosion)
(upbeat music)
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HOW2: How to Unclog a Toilet!

40 Folder Collection
Summer published on September 12, 2020
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