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  • Hi

  • Hey

  • Ah cha

  • iii

  • Hei

  • Uh -Huh

  • Some problems are just too big & too complex for anyone person to handle alone

  • For this challenges, we need to collaborate

  • But what does that mean?

  • Collaboration is more than just working together with others

  • To really work with others effectively, especially when resourses are tight

  • We need to invest in good collaboration

  • Good collaboration means

  • Sharing the responsibilities

  • Risks

  • Benefits

  • And the credit

  • Good collaboration also mean that everyone who involve work toward a common goal

  • To do that, we need to know our limitations

  • I'M LIMIT!!!

  • Live our ego at the door

  • Keep an open mind

  • Be physiclly & mentally present.

  • Insure everyone has an equal voice

  • Invest trust - TO GET TRUST

  • Step out of our comfort zone

  • Do encourage others contribution

  • There are many benefits in good collaboration

  • such as..

  • Engaged & empower members

  • Increase capcity to solve complex problems

  • Strong Relationships grounded & trust

  • Honesty

  • & Respect

  • Efficient to use resources

  • And the greater overall impact

  • Remember

  • We are stronger when we work TOGETHER

  • Hooray!!!


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Good Collaboration

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    YiChun Chou posted on 2020/09/10
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